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Throughout the ages
Throughout the ages, we have always had a common mother - the earth. She, with
sweet milk, has nurtured countless generations and grandchildren to enrich our
eyes with our own beauty. However, for the sake of his own intered the resources
of Mother Earth. You see, in the forest, a group of lumberjacks are holding
chainsaws, a big tree is slowly falling down Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and they are
sent to the factory to make paper and wood-made utensils. Mother Earth is
crying! You see, in the river, a group of garbage floats on the water. Isn't
that human being thrown into the river to ease the trouble of throwing garbage?
Mother Earth is crying! Yeah Online
, what is the emissions from the factory? Oh, it turned out to be
black wastewater, which has been flowing into the water that people drink. This
is called a "self-killing" human, I do not know how many people drank this
water, because of physical discomfort, it ended hsky is so blue, white clouds,
it is so leisurely; grass, it is so green, the lake is so clear. People say that
"Guilin's landscape is the best in the world", it is also the Zengjiang, now the
Lijiang River, and can not see the sandstone at the bottom of the river, can not
see its beauty. Taishan in Guilin, once a red leaf like a fire, a thousand
forms, f acid rain Marlboro Lights, wheat
will reduce yield by 13% to 34%. Acid rain will also affect the health of humans
and animals. The acidity of rain and fog will cause eye, throat and skin
irritation, causing conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, dermatitis, etc. The illness
has harmed the physical and mental health of human beings! Humans think that
they will bring benefits to themselves. What is the result? It��s your own harm!
It��s no wonder that Mother Earth will cry, I often saw the snacks and
stationery wrappers that the students went to the canteen to throw on the floor.
Although the trash can is on the side, but the students are still thrown on the
ground, only sanitation workers can be cleaned. Therefore, we should take the
initiative to throw the garbage into the trash can, and see that no matter who
throws the garbage, we must help pick it up, throw it into the trash can, and
remind the claslot of pollution on the earth, which has led to natural disasters
such as animal extinctry to walk or take a bus, and drive less private cars; 3.
Bring your own bag when you go out shopping. Do not use more plastic bags; 4,
summer air conditioning is best adjusted at about 26 degrees, do not open too
low, or it will waste electricity; 5, turn off the power; 6, use waste can also
be done manually; 7, use less washing machine to wash clothes , try to wash by
hand. If everyone does this, then it will be "low carbon environmental
protection"! The environment is very important to us. "Afforestation, work in
the future Carton Of Newports." Because
humans have cut down too many trees, they say "planting trees and planting
forests, and doing their best." If every one of us can plant a tree, then there
are seventy in the world. With hundreds of millions of people, it is equivalent
to more than seven billion trees. It is equal to the human resources so much. If
you wait until then Newport 100S, the
mother of the earth will leave tears, but in tears, it is touched. Classmates,
don't you want to leave a beautiful earth for your grandchildren? Do you want
more and more "natural disasters"? Do you want to come early in the end of the
world? I believe that your answer must be to leave a beautiful earth for the
children and grandchildren. You must not want natural disasters, and you must
not want the end of the world! But the mouth said nothing! If you don't want the
cute and beautiful Earth Mother to cry, please prove it with action! There is
only one mother on earth, and if she does not protect her well, she will be sad.
Please use our greatest ability to protect the environment, environmental
protection, love our Earth Mother! Don't let her cry with sadness!  
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