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Escape from th
Escape fr om the double oppression of Japanese English. When returning to
Chinese, there is a kind of excuse and liberation similar to unfamiliar
familiarity. There is an enthusiasm and approval, and finally I have to face it
at that moment, and the shackles of body and mind. In the early morning,
Xiaoyang mist, has been accustomed to six points in 24 hours a day, everyone is
falling asleep, at least around me, this is the case. But at seven o'clock every
day Cheap Cigarettes, I waited
for the alarm clock and awakened my last sleep, because in fact, it was earlier
than the alarm clock; I was disappointed, and today, the alarm clock pointer
stupidly stayed yesterday. There is just one reason to extend this half-sleeping
state to eight. Not surprisingly, at eight o'clock, only I got up and washed,
and then I put a few books to read in the bag and rushed to the canteen. Because
I had to study in the cafeteria the day before, so this trip did not make me
feel a little surprised. Sitting at the table wh ere the sun was just covered by
half of the wall, the gap between the lines in the words, the thoughts were
pulled up, and the thoughts began to wander again. Feeling, everyone is busy,
all the messages seem to be just right, passing by the way I have done, the
people around me are too vague and not deep, I don��t want to go to ask and bend
my knees; I used to love it Cigarettes Online. The shackles that
don't stain the dust, the souls that I have carefully watched for the Jedi, the
straightforward and lovely people, we used such simple and simple dialogue to
build the most irreplaceable spiritual building, just recall, Just remembering,
it is beautiful Newport Cigarettes
. What will you be in front of your haste? All the lies about the
future are broken, all the successes and failures, sometimes not how hard you
work, how big the fruits of victory or heavy praises; your efforts are only your
own, if you keep this seems The secret of ulterior mobs, pretending to be full
does not care about the whole day, but also the passing of it; and your result,
in the long-term journey, as if it is someone else��s, someone will talk about
it, yes, people are so busy They are so indifferent to time, they can weave and
spread one after another rumors, and what you are working on now is to
accumulate, work hard, grow up, and use the last moment of success to retaliate
against their attacks on you and Ill. Of course, if you enjoy the beauty of the
world, including the wisdom and wealth of beauty and all the advantages of
chasing for humanity, your mission will grow with you, and if you are poor, you
will be good at it. You have been insisting and implementing, are you right? Try
to smile at everyone, hide all prejudice and satisfaction and nits on others. I
respect you, but you shouldn't be so crazy. Of course, their shallow social
experience will still ruin their own body. They all find a way to manage and
render themselves best. They only see you, rubbing their skins around the wall
and hitting the wall. Is it doubtful that he has been wrong? You see those
people smugly screaming on the ground, the location of the snorkeling, the
squandering of the garbage, the cumbersomeness of finding the trash can Marlboro
, throwing the melon shells out, and shouting at a certain "friends and
friends" at the end of the phone. When you are appreciating a hippie smile, you
feel that you have come and gone without any achievements. It is a deep mistake.
Some people will always follow me with emotion after chatting with me. Say, "If
you have time mokingusacigarettes.com, you
must sit down and talk long," but because there may not be a lot of leisure
time, maybe I don��t know how to talk about it. At the party, such long talks
have dissipated with the wind. Now, whether it is a person who is tired of my
personality or a slightly affectionate person, there are only three sentences,
dissipated, satisfied, and repentant.
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