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One day, I suddenly t
One day, I suddenly thought about getting up early to watch the sunrise, and I
watched the weather forecast on the first night. I confirmed that there was no
rain and it was four o'clock in the morning. The alarm sounded several times. It
was uncomfortable to sleep and sleep. In any case, I have to believe that if I
am for myself, I can��t be sorry for myself. It seems to be a contradiction. Is
it to keep my promises right, or to wake myself up? I didn't wait to go out and
began to measure the importance of both. In the end, I promised to go out of the
house and make the alarms right. People, living seems to be always entangled in
contradictions, no matter where it is in the morning, it is very quiet. When I
was young in the countryside, I often get up early at sunrise time, so I don��t
think so. Nowadays, I have more days, I miss the sunrise. There seems to be a
feeling of fresh rebirth. This morning, the cold weather hit people, wearing
thick and cool silk, only to find that the sunny autumn morning is so beautiful,
standing on the riverside looking east, the bright mountain behind the sun is
slowly coming out, it is time, "a The whole world is bright after the "side",
and the work of the day has already begun. The sense of urgency has followed. At
this time, I discovered that if there is no Yaxing, even if I look at the peony,
it may not be beautiful. The view of the flower is all in the state of mind.
There are a lot of thoughts in the youth, for the cause, for the family, for the
fame and fortune, these are all the time, the year has passed, if then In my
heart, I will feel sad if I can see the sunrise tomorrow. This is a
contradiction and adjustment of my mood Parliament Cigarettes. The morning breeze
circling against the morning glow, rolling up the autumn leaves to lift them up
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, and slowly letting go, the simple natural phenomenon recurs, the
wind knows the leaves and wants to return to the roots, the leaves are ignorant
of the wind, the wilderness is boundless, The black soil dragged the misty side,
and the natural paintings were written in a quiet and moving way. I walked on my
own, I didn't like the feeling of being single and natural. The shadow of the
sun made my body slender, the silence of the car in the morning was very good,
and the car on the empty road was flying fast. It seemed to be the same in the
morning. Thousands of people are still sleeping in their sleep. Countless nights
and early mornings, I will be empty, and there will be past and illusion in my
mind, and I can't sleep. Many years ago, I was trapped by my feelings. Every
night I will recapture my thoughts, and I will remember them in my heart. Now I
have committed a few old problems and stayed up all night. Thousands of thoughts
will eventually fall, only the morning of this day I care, there is no green
mountains Cigarettes Online, no
wild red flowers, only the autumn breeze swayed my forehead, fell the
windbreaker's clothes corner. On the banks of the Nenjiang River, looking at the
wilderness of the autumn morning, although some are desolate, it is also empty
and quiet, simple and natural, rare and quiet red and autumn colors, without
covering the mountains, calmly facing the rising sun. Everything in the world
will feel the same as long as you are connected. If you think that it is as calm
as nature, why do you feel tired? You don't have to deliberately modify your
face, you don't care who you feel. Unconsciously, it was already more than seven
in the morning, and the footsteps took me away. I didn��t appreciate much in the
summer of my old days. I also rushed in the morning exercise, and it was a
spring and autumn.
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