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the vitality is th
eventually disappear with the wind and become a cloud in the past. Today, the
fullness of the life but the vitality is the real meaning of life. ! Wind and
rain, but it is an encouragement to life, urging the beauty of the bloom, urging
a beautiful transformation and rebirth! Sunny, late, will come. And me? The most
arrogant pride I used to be was just a meaningless dream, such as a broken
bubble. Even in the sun, how light and colorful the light figure is, it��s not
broken, and I can��t find the spirit of the past. Traces? Why can't this failure
be a temper for yourself? What are the fears of wind and rain? I know, summing
up the lessons of failure, for the next more beautiful scenery! After the storm,
my sunny day will come. By then, success is a truly meaningful success! Thinking
of this, I quickly plucked the piano on the piano, accompanied by the sunshine
that was just right, and practiced the piano on such a fine day Marlboro Cigarettes. No longer, no
longer face the piano I love with an impetuous heart; but feel it with my heart,
and experience the beauty of my favorite music with a sincere heart! I believe
that failure is only temporary. I will eventually bear the fruits of success,
such as pomegranates, with my sincerity. I have a sunny day, just a good time.
Thank you, this pomegranate tree, you are my sunny day. [Chapter 3] You are
love, warm, hope, you are the fourth day of the world. Lin Huiyin has her April
day, and I have a sunny day. Under this sunny day, I can laugh and cry. This is
a piece of sunny day woven with songs. "Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake to
Grandma Bridge, Grandma has a good voice. When I was young, I often snuggled in
my grandmother's arms and fell asleep in her soft voice. I loved this
grandmother's bridge that Grandma often sang. "Love it, turn a long tune, love
it, and feel strong and strong. I was very afraid of thunder when I was young,
especially afraid of thundering nights. When the thunderstorms and nights, I
couldn��t sleep." My grandmother will sit by my bed and sing while patting my
back. "Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake to Grandma Bridge...", Grandma is very
small, somehow, her voice seems to be like There is a special kind of power that
makes me fear, laughs and enters into a dream. Grandma��s song is love, like a
ray of sunshine, propping up a sunny day for me in the thunderstorms. Sad river.
On the winter morning, the cold wind whistling and the bones were cool. I sat on
the bench in the park with Heng, drinking coffee and talking without words. The
coffee is hot, warming up the hand, but still not chilling. "Listen to music."
Heng broke the deadlock. I didn't talk, I was afraid of an opening, and tears
could no longer stay in my eyes. Ten minutes ago, Hengtong said that she was
going to Beijing to do a brain surgery. Her brain had a small tumor. She also
pretended to smile easily: "It seems that I really have a problem with my
brain." A glimpse, a surprise, then, it is more and more heavy Carton Of Cigarettes, endless
sadness. I really want to comfort her, but I don't know where to start; I want
to cry, but I can't cry, it will only make the balance more uncomfortable.
Munadi took the earphones and was holding "Time to Cook the Rain", this is the
song we both listened to when we first met. "We said that we can't separate Marlboro Red," but now... Suddenly,
I heard the song sing "We are holding hands and making a boat, crossing the sad
river...". Recalling the setbacks in the past, Heng will pull up my hand and
sing this to me. Now, she has encountered a big hurdle, and I should accompany
her. I took off our two earphones, hugged her, and sang in her ear: "We are also
hand in hand..." Heng smiled, hugged me and sang together: "Straighted through
the sad river. "We laughed, and we couldn't help but burst into tears. We didn't
have sadness in our tears. We were so determined and moved." In the heart, the
chill is no longer there.
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