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the most beautiful sh
Holding your right hand in your left hand is friendship. ------- Inscriptions On
the seashore of memories Newport
, there are countless shells, there are dark ones, which evoke a sad
past; there are brilliant ones that remind people of childhood fun. I was
looking for the most beautiful shells on the coast I remembered. At that time,
we were still small, the sky was still blue, and the summer was still hot. I
remember there were only fifty cents on that day. At that time, the sun was like
a big fireball, and the highway was burnt by the scorching sun. If you step on
it, you will see a stream of white smoke. The weather was so hot that the thick
air seemed to freeze. So, I had to pull you to a small store and buy a small
pudding to unpack it, and a blast of air rushed out, and my body's heat was
gone. "Kacha" I took a small bite. "Wow! It's really comfortable from the mouth
to my heart." "Kacha ..." I took a big bite and got into the heart with
coldness. Then I handed it to you to eat, and you took a big bite like me, and
then smiled contentedly. The little pudding began to melt slowly in our mouths,
converging into a cool, sweet liquid. We looked at each other and suddenly
started laughing. They laughed at ourselves. The two of us ate this little
ice-cream together. They were so silly that a gust of wind blew and the leaves
rustled along the road. As the sun went down, the two of us walked home together
hand in hand, watching the stretched shadows and laughing from our hearts. At
this time Carton Of
, the sun's face was bright red and red, and its light seemed to
have been swept away by anyone. It was no longer dazzling, but very soft and
bright. It slowly receded to the west, as gentle as a pretty girl mokingusacigarettes.com, and
quiet summer came again. The sunset is golden, the streets are bustling, and the
setting sun sprinkles Jinhui on the ground. The whole city is covered with
cicada-like gold yarn, which casts a mysterious color on the ground. This
summer, this is my first time eating ice cream. Walking along the familiar path,
I licked the soft cotton-like frosting on the ice-cream, biting the small
crushed chocolate spread on it, and it was cool. This reminds me of the little
pudding I tasted with you a long time ago, as if the taste of childhood
happiness lingered around me again. I looked at the golden sky and kept thinking
of the day when we two ate the little pudding Scene, that is the most beautiful
scenery in my memory
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