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I don't like summer,
I don't like summer, but I love it. Summer is for me. It is often anxious but
beautiful. It started many years ago. Summer is like a nightmare. This season,
like a hot iron, printed a red mark on me. I have allergies in the summer, so I
spend the day in the bitterness of the drug and the sticky touch of the drug.
When you are sick, people are sensitive and vulnerable. What's more, I was
originally a person with a keen eye. I like to think quietly and have an insight
into life. Then I give a generous time to memorize the summer. At a very young
age, I am a star and a firefly everywhere. It is the tenderness of the palm of
the grandmother who is holding the grandmother Marlboro
. It was the ice of the sweetness of a porcelain bowl filled with a
porcelain bowl. Later, the people in memory grew older. Or left the summer of my
childhood, I was at my grandmother's house, outside the door is a rice field ten
miles away, and the intermittent lake. A child, being pampered by the old man,
is naturally pampered by his grandfather and does not like to talk. He likes to
fish. The most memory is that in the strong summer of the setting sun, the warm
orange is like a crayon in the hands of children in kindergartens. The
grandfather stands on the shore and throws out the heavy fishing nets. Looking
back at me, I think this is the most beautiful silhouette of time. Posted by
time on the window of my memory. Whenever I want to push open the window, I
often stare at the silhouette, my eyes are slightly warm, but fishing with my
grandfather is not an easy task. At that time, I didn't have a half-high
grandfather. I needed to carry the old, some grinded little fish, and follow the
grandfather one step at a time to make a serious little tail. Grandpa��s steps
are big, I need to walk and trotting. When the foreigner chooses a place, I will
choose a relatively clean and smooth stone surface, sit down, shake my ankles,
watch the grandfather cast a net, and close the net. Or, look at the green paddy
fields in the distance, the wind is blowing, it is a gentle wave, I naively
imagine, I can lie on the rice field, and be gently pushed back Parliament Cigarettes. Of course I have
never practiced it. Not only because it has reached a certain level of reason,
but also because crops are the lifeblood of farmers. The cultivation of those
grains is not easy and cherished, and with some solemn taste, the grandfather
pulls the net up and shakes the small fish and shrimp to the ground. Usually
with fish and shrimp, there are water bugs, river otters, snails, crabs,
lobsters and frogs. And I have a natural fear of water bugs and frogs. I will
take a branch and pull them away, reaching out to catch crabs and lobsters Newport 100S. I often study my own
guts. Whether it is big or small, I love lobsters. Every year, my grandfather
will play a lot of lobsters and keep them for me. Even later, I don��t go back
often. He still insists on playing lobster for me. When I go back, I never say
that I have left lobster for me. Every time my grandmother is cooking, like
every time before cooking. Ask the same, ask me if I want to eat lobster? In a
shallow introduction, my grandfather played a lot of lobsters for me and raised
them in the black altar in the yard Online Cigarettes. Until, my
grandfather is really old, faltering, I no longer have lobsters to eat when it
rains, the rain hits the otters, and one after another fleeting blisters. The
rice fields will be greener Marlboro Lights, the air will be
damp, and thunderstorms will replace the humming sounds. My grandfather rarely
goes out on a rainy day, except at the fair. He will insist on riding a
permanent bicycle that has been with him for many years, wearing a transparent
plastic raincoat that was sewed before and after the grandmother, and swayed to
go to the market. The bicycle with the rain drenched, the rust became bright,
and the old bicycle, oh, like a complaint, went a little far. I will stand on
the small bench, sit next to my grandmother, and watch the fat and sturdy squats
in the corner of the wall slowly creeping, or look at the rain outside.
Grandma's quiet seams make up, occasionally look up to see if I am obedient. In
childhood memories, there are no mothers and fathers, only grandparents. In my
consciousness, the grandmother is the mother, and the daily slogan is the truth
of the person, and the fine calculation of the rice and oil. The grandfather,
like a childish father, loves to eat snacks, often goes out to buy East Buy West
with my banner, but I must admit that most of it is eaten by me. We must all be
controlled by our grandmother, and the financial power is like supreme power.
The grandfather volunteered to give all his money to his grandmother. He started
his grandmother when he was 17 years old. Without exception, he only saved a few
dollars in his pocket and bought food for his children. He does not even wear
the children into his own jurisdiction. It is a principled grandfather. I used
to watch TV dramas when I was very young. People who loved me would get married.
I asked my grandmother, do you love your grandfather? Grandma laughed and said
that I didn't study well, and I asked some of them. Grandma is gentle and kind,
she is 2 years older than her grandfather. I like to listen to her previous
stories in the evening, tell her stories about her grandfather, and tell the
story of her mother and her sister. Under the dim light, I looked at some of the
darkened roofs and listened to the
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Time flies, the years
Time flies, the years are quiet, in the shallow summer season, listening to the
humming, sitting in the wind, feeling the summer's dryness and uneasiness,
Imagine that long time after the dinner, my mother and I sit under the big tree
near the house Take a cool look, under the dark yellow street lights, looking up
at the dark night sky. We can't see the moon here Wholesale Cigarettes, only to see
the little stars scattered in the vast sky, and the little stars flashed
brightly, as if the eyes of the children were clear and bright. I can't help but
think of my childhood Marlboro
. My childhood grew up in a large yard. It was a welfare room on the
mother's unit. There is a small garden in the yard. There are some flowers and
trees in the garden, including plum, camellia, rose and pine. Whenever spring
comes, the flowers on the trees bloom, yellow and yellow plums, white camellia,
pink rose are open, revealing a touch of fragrance, making people feel relaxed
and happy. In the middle of the garden is a fountain. In the summer, you can see
water sprayed fr om the fountain. The crystal clear water droplets are sprinkled
in the sun, sparkling like a gem. Several buildings on both sides of the garden
stand opposite each other, with a small flower bed on the side and some flowers
in the flower beds. On the side of the building is a small playground. At that
time, the place wh ere the mother went to work was in front of these
buildings.vaguely remember that in the early summer season, when we were put out
of school, we had to do the homework on the stone bench sitting on the ground.
After we finished, we went home with our parents to have dinner. After dinner,
some people sipped downstairs, and other children went downstairs and carried
out activities on the walkway downstairs. Sometimes playing hide and seek,
sometimes playing rubber bands, and sometimes playing games. Everyone ran and
jumped together and had a good time. Some adults sit down under the big trees,
gather together, get together, or talk about some things about their children.
Other adults play badminton and basketball on the playground. With the bright
moonlight and the summer insects, the children��s laughter like a silver bell
broke the silence of the night and played together as a cheerful song. As time
goes by, the happy time has gradually passed Newport 100S. In the year when I
was thirteen years old, the mother unit moved to a new house because of the new
house allocation Parliament
. Our family did not move with it for various reasons. Slowly,
fewer and fewer people were familiar with the yard, and then moved into many
strange faces. Soon after, we moved away and lived in another place. Although I
am still in this town, I rarely meet again with my childhood friends. I don't
want to go back to this yard Newport
Cigarettes Coupons
. Maybe I don't want to feel the coldness of the yard now.
Sometimes when I was walking for a while, my mother and I passed by and found
that the yard became depressed and desolate, and lost the excitement of the
past. Once the gardens, trees, and fountains were gone, the flowers and plants
planted inside were gone, and only a cemented parking lot was seen. There are no
more laughter from the children in the yard. It is very quiet. Occasionally, I
talked with friends who were good in the yard. I was deeply sorry. I always
lamented that time passed too fast. Long. With the passage of time, the emotions
of each other are not as close as they used to be, and there is only a faint
chill in the hot summer. When we walk back into this small courtyard, the ears
seem to echo. Those happy laughter at night. Although we have grown up, we now
have our own lives. But in our lifetime, we still have a past that is worthy of
recollection, carrying the sweet dream of childhood.
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We know each
We know each other in the spring Carton Of Cigarettes, it is my
pleasure to meet you on the day when the flowers are blooming. We love each
other in the summer, and it is my pleasure to fall in love with you on the
tree-lined days. We broke up in the autumn, in the depression. The breakup of
the day is a regret in my life; we lost contact in the winter, and it was my
hardest time to lose contact in that cold and bitter winter. The four seasons of
the year have buried us too many secrets and memories. It is time to dig it out
to solve my confusion and smooth my sorrow. I don't know if you deliberately
"disappeared", deliberately evade, deliberately do not want me. find you. I
still remember the first time I met you. The spring breeze caressed the peach
trees that had just been devastated by the cold winter. I watched the bees
gently stop on the white peach blossoms. I thought this was the most beautiful
moment in the world, so I recorded the most beautiful moment with my camera.
When I saw that there was a beautiful woman in the photo who was painting the
peach with a brush, I realized that I was wrong. Bees are not the most beautiful
moment, but when you focus on the serious expression and smile, you kneel on the
ground, looking up at the peach blossoms on the peach tree, you put the drawing
board on your knees, holding the brush in your left hand The right hand is
holding the drawing board. Your eyes are so bright, your lips are so small, your
skin is so rosy. I am worried that the bee will treat your smile as a peach and
then fly to you. Show." So I picked up the camera and slammed it, and your smile
became the desktop of my computer. However, when I sneaked you, you just found
out, and you smiled embarrassedly and then " "Fr om now on, I have been thinking
about whether you will come here or not. I chose "Staying for the Rabbit", but
God has made a big joke with me. You have never appeared in the past fifteen
days Online Cigarettes. Just as I
was carrying my bag and preparing to leave, you suddenly appeared there Newport Cigarettes. You are still so
beautiful, so unique, as if it were a fairy, so I am so intoxicated! So I
decided Marlboro Red, I don��t
want to miss this again. Opportunity, I have to take the first step bravely. I
thought that you would be very cold, but let me start. No matter where you
appear Marlboro Lights, I will
pretend to be very surprised and scream, "It��s so good, I met you again. . "But
maybe my acting is very poor. Maybe you found out that this is no coincidence,
so one day when I said something similar, you smiled and said to me: "I don't
believe in coincidence, I don't believe in fate, I I am getting more and more
unhappy, and your words are getting less and less. I am also worried about it.
Is it what I did wrong? Make you more and more silent. However, suddenly one
night, you become the same as before, your smile is back, you have more words,
but I am not surprised but worried, this abnormal phenomenon is likely to mean
that we are coming to an end. I am smart, I guessed it, and I have eaten your
own dinner. You broke up with me. I calmly think, maybe you are right. In the
past two months, you have made me more and more unpredictable. If we love each
other without a trace, I will go home all the way to the leaves, the whole
person. It's like having no soul, but you have never seen it in the cold winter.
Looking at the snow fluttering and falling on my hand, there was a little secret
about us for a while, our happiness came so suddenly but disappeared in the
blink of an eye, I don��t know that you are at this moment. Wh ere? I don't know
how you have been, I really wish you happiness. There is no point in this life,
I hope to meet in the afterlife!
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The annual autumn
The annual autumn wind is also the time when it is now in Chongyang Carton Of Cigarettes. The
city��s Double Ninth Festival is as simple as it is, and blowing the mist of
autumn winds is a good day. As everyone knows, this traditional festival
cultural heritage, also known as the "Heavy Nine Festivals" and "Old Man's Day",
is still strong. Although the Chongyang cake, rice transplant, etc. are out of
reach, but a little warmth has a holiday feeling. + I deliberately collected the
origins of Chongyang, why not make a science here. The ancients classified all
things in the heavens and the earth as yin and yang. Yin represents darkness and
yang represents light and vitality. The odd number is yang and the even number
is yin Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
Nine is an odd number, so it is yang, September 9th, the sun and the moon are
nine, and the two yang are heavy, so it is called "Chongyang." In this way,
Chairman Mao��s unrestrained rhetoric, which is not like spring, is better than
spring. It seems that there are both beginnings and foundations that have risen
yesterday. Chrysanthemum is too bitter and suffers from these two yangs. The
poems of the past dynasties have a good work for the Chongyang Festival, and
they have a low-pitched sing, and they have a childhood education, and they read
the book. With regard to this collection, weeds and grasses, the right to pay
attention to the warmth of traditional culture on the occasion of the coming of
the Chongyang Festival, I wish all the elderly good health, peace and prosperity
to enjoy the good fortune! (Lin Shang Bank Xu Meng) What is beauty? The first
cry of the new life is the beauty of human nature. The change of the seasons
between heaven and earth is the beauty of nature. The mysterious and vastness of
the vast universe is the beauty of all things. The love and charity of the
dripping sea is the beauty of morality. From the glyphs, "the big sheep is
beautiful" Marlboro Red, this is
the beauty of existence everywhere is everywhere, "green pop tobacco outside the
cold and light, red apricot branches spring is noisy" is the beauty of spring;
Infinity Bi Marlboro
, Yingri Lotus is different from red" is the beauty of summer; "Parking
love Fenglin night, frosty red in February flowers" is the beauty of autumn;
"Suddenly like a spring breeze Cheap Cigarettes, thousands of
trees and pear blossoms" is winter beauty of. People, born in nature, are
attributed to nature, and the pursuit of beauty is rooted in the quality of the
heart. Love is the source of beauty, a heart full of love can let people smell
the fragrance of flowers, a warm love can make the world's haze sweep away.
There is no beauty in the world, wild flowers blooming at your feet, birds
resting on your window sill, a cup of tea handed by your lover, and a pair of
insoles that your mother stuffed into your bag are all beautiful. However, all
the living beings are too tired to live, and the roads are all in a hurry. The
child��s innocent smile, the gentle and deep eyes of the lover, the glimmer of
the sunset in the distance, and the beauty that can be obtained at almost no
cost are often turned a blind eye. When people have a piece of bread, they will
think that if they can eat roast chicken, it is definitely a pleasure in life.
When the roast chicken is often seen on the table, people will think about
eating in the western restaurant opposite the company. The meal can definitely
enhance the taste. The pursuit of a better life is the driving force for people
to continue to struggle. Only in this way can the society continue to advance
and human civilization can be continued. Today, thousands of years later, we can
not live a life like a ancestors, but when this pursuit After continually
bulging and eventually becoming a desire to fill up forever, beauty is hard to
be discovered, caught, and felt that we all desire beauty, beautiful life,
beautiful family, beautiful work, and beautiful status. Create a world that does
not complain, create a peace of mind, and only then, the beauty will wave its
wings like a fairy
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The younger brother
The younger brother said: "Walk the road, read thousands of books." This is his
dream. At the age of sixteen or seven, he said that he wants to go free in his
own wandering. Maybe we have a dream of wandering in our hearts. Go to the
Arctic in China and feel the cold of the bone marrow. Go to the Taklimakan
Desert and feel the loneliness of no one. Go to the deserted island. I went to
the younger brother with the flowers, birds and fish worms. "Where do you want
to go?" The younger brother said, "I want to go to the big cities." I think if
you wander in a big city, you probably have seen the subway in Beijing Marlboro Hard Cigerate. Those who play
the guitar look like you By Newport 100,
the wandering in my heart is another scene. This kind of wandering should be in
harmony with nature Cheap Newport 100S Free
, based on health, and dance with happiness. Such as riding, such as
backpackers, this may be the real wandering, with the heart and the
accompanying, will not be hurry, take a look at the flowers, is to feel the
place where you feel, where to feel life. I think that wandering should also be
accompanied. Friends or love. For example, San Mao��s wandering is accompanied
by the love of Jose. Sanmao went wandering in the Sahara Desert. The simple
house Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S
, the silence of no one, the baby of San Mao Amoy as the
furnishings in the house. Not only is everything novelty fun, but even the rice
and oil salt is fun, there is also a quarrel with the Jose, there is a good, not
artificial. Wandering in the distance, feeling the difference in climate
temperature, and living an ordinary little day. Wandering and life are not
contradictory. Speaking of wandering, big ice is also emerging in the brain. He
has rivers and lakes, wine and stories. He said that he is a wild writer and a
senior backpacker. He used multiple words to convey the story of the rivers and
lakes and the wandering life. I admire him for having a day of exile in Tibet
with his little friends. Because I think the most suitable place for wandering
is Lhasa Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free
, Tibet. Although Da Bing said that I don��t want to think of Lhasa,
I want to wander, but if I want to go wandering, then I think I must choose
Tibet to feel the blue sky, the green land and the most precious sunshine and
air, close to the nearest place to heaven. . The helpless family is at 48
degrees north latitude, too far away, and does not want to go to the horse, so
the trip has been shelved. I am trying to save the country by curve, maybe
graduate, I can go there to teach for a year or two, to experience the most
beautiful and beautiful Tibet. Go wandering, go to a distant place, and let your
body go empty. What makes people move is not only the most beautiful scene, but
also the passing of the road. The road ahead, the people who meet, the shallow
cross, the spark of surprise. Different land, different styles. Go wandering and
experience the joy and bitterness of the stray road, the anecdote of the
journey. Such a distant place, such a wandering, do you want the younger brother
to say that I have opened up new horizons for him, he also wants to go to Tibet,
wandering, vain life, courage to confront difficulties, to get close to nature,
the wandering has become his dream A feast. I think this should be like this.
Going back to nature, feeling different fr om the city, if you can, for a
lifetime, you should have a dream with your relatives and love your friends. You
have a wandering dream for a while. Where do you want to go? Do you have a place
wh ere you want to go?
It��s late at night
It��s late at night, one person, actually, I like this time of solitude, writing
and writing, reading books, all the moments like heart, a heart is completely
delivered to myself, and it��s okay to float to the ends of the earth, as long
as there is one on the way, I am deeply in love with someone, and I am saying
that you are here too. For me, it is a great happiness. You stop here to cook a
pot of tea, let me connect the long and short stories. Is there a one between
you, in the depths of the ink, and I have been reunited with me for a long time,
it is the piety of the years. A heart, and do, and think, do not live up to any
encounter, it is the most reluctant to revenge for youth, and I said "old" and
do not talk about what ambitious, rain in front of the window, the bottom of the
eye Green, you still have to remember incomplete, then don't say those
old-fashioned words By Newport 100, missed
too many scenery, how can I be so old to be me, clearly "old", less young
people's passion, do not like too much Intense, lively lifestyle. Instead, I
have a soft-hearted friend who asks me, if I want to get married, what do I want
most? I didn't even think about it, so I said that a study is enough. Yes, give
me a study, just in the world of words, for the time being, forget the sacred
world, squatting on the pure land, concentrating on painting and calligraphy,
sitting on the tea, and painting the poems and hops every day Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons,
regardless of the life of the arty. People, really do not have to work, no
troubles? The breeze and the bright moon do not need to buy a dollar Newport Short Cigareetes, just because they
are clear-minded, do not care too much about gains and losses, right or wrong.
Confidence is the initial background of happiness. Doing things you like, and
work and life are not in conflict. If you are good at arranging time and
managing yourself, then everything will be a quiet look and willing to do
everything you have in the past Marlboro 100S
Cigarettes Free Shipping
. I love you very much, but never look back. May you
be especially beautiful, especially calm, and especially gentle and good night,
dear! Falling into the rain of Mulan, the fall of the autumn chrysanthemum.
"Whether Qu Yuan used flowers to express his interest and purity, my empty
memory is only the picture of the woman who was beaten into the cold palace who
ate the petals because of hunger. Now the mouth is like a non-sweet taste." I
don��t even dare to think that I have chewed a few flaps in my mouth, and I
don��t dare to think how many beautiful things in this world have already been
doomed in the dark. Like this fresh red, buried, it is also a state of mind.
Although the state of mind is good, what is more important is that it belongs to
one's own life and has precipitated a beautiful time. Good and harmonious always
have a good relationship Discount Newport 100S
. Although I don't understand the thoughts of the two Buddhists,
these thoughts It should be calm. Like Wang Weishi's paintings and gentle and
shallow Zen, "Thousands of mountains and birds are flying, thousands of people
are gone, lonely boats and sorrows, and they are fishing alone." "Although it is
empty, but more of a simple and true beauty, if only the flowers are lightly
sniffed, let me think about this big hole. I have to combine this with the
sister Lin." The waist of the willow, the eyebrows become green, the stars are
filled with autumn waves, and the fairy is long and fluttering. "If such
exaggerated associations let others hear, you can't blame me for that cut, but
also cut gentle and calm, cut out Wang Wei's poems, poems, cuts, and cut the
real world." I can't understand the laws of the world. I can only feel that this
kind of real beauty is a "root", like a small seedling that can grow into a
towering tree. Also born harmonious.
A beautiful autumn,
A beautiful autumn, a red fruit is ripe. With the devoutness of the world, in
the place where the riverbed and the deciduous language are spoken, the evening
breeze gently rises, and a poetic beauty is presented in front of us. This is
Cassie��s poetry collection. If time is close One step, with thoughts on
emotions, with good wishes for the world. "With the breath of the sea, every
hair time of the washing bell can be stagnant, or you can move forward quickly,
and the emotion is just the beautiful petals of time. We can stop and listen
quietly Cigarettes Online Usa Only, or
let go of our minds. Time to race Lights Cigarette, but time will not
stop at our feet. Only if we throw the wisdom of the years, can we enter a
spiritual space that is uncontested. This can be achieved through poetry or
through An orderly broad vision to solve only at this time, my heart will earn
the mundane and sturdy wings of the world. I am waiting for a rain waiting for a
mighty team from my rusty blood vessels, rustling Only by this time, the dark
clouds are lovely. It is calling the hungry lips of the birds and heading for
the bleak wilderness of the wilderness. The wind is also on the way to dream and
wake up, silently reading the color of the water - Cassie "I Waiting for a rain,
I like Cassie's poetry. It is atmospheric, delicate, and textured. It has a
distinct personality. I like Cassie poetry, not because of personal emotional
factors, nor because of poetry. It is estimated that poetry is a symbol of
essence in culture. Poetry can be a guide for us, or it can be a wait-and-see,
or a beautiful spiritual "grassland", but also a beautiful poem. Deep love, no
one can not be too noisy, but also can not wait for a trace of cold, the light
of fate falls on the feet, there is a kind of pain is treated as a lot of things
are at large, the middle-aged calm autumn wind is very big. Can scrape some
people, Some things can be lifted. In history, many poets have pursued the
spirit of retreat as a fashion. Perhaps their time concept is an interpretation
of the times. I don��t know how much Cassie��s time has fallen. Memories, I
don��t know how much time I have in my time for my heart and nature. Anyway,
from his poetry, we will see more emotional, philosophical, natural, life
thinking, and The love of poetry and the inner observation of "Sexual Love Hill"
cannot be said that any poet is a typical example of "fishing and firewood". It
will also be a beautiful world. But it can be said that Cassie��s poems do have
too many traces of ��small pens and flowers��, and you can also see the inner
meaning of a real poet. Because Kathy is diligent in thinking emotions, There
are so many colorful poetic moods, the sun is soft cotton, and it is draped on
the plateau's hard body. The Nanming River is gradually thinning and protruding.
The ribs have exposed the long-lost heart. An egret flies over the Shili River
beach as if a woman has a rhyme figure. In the footsteps, there was a slight
flusteredness - Kathy "The direction of the wind blows every day, we are all
going to the deepest part of the world, so that we have too many scenery hidden
behind us, and we don't want to take a look." As if all of this, it is also a
kind of order and rules. You can't really be arrogant, and you can't do anything
without it, but for ourselves, you can match the arc of time, overlap, and then
find that one quietly. Spiritual emotional possession. I think, maybe only
poetry Cigarette Wholesale Price, only
the expression of words. In other words, these are all about time Cigarettes Newport Online. Otherwise,
we are either Stop here, or we will write when we are alone in loneliness, and
we will do whatever we want. For example, the imitation of blue-and-white
porcelain in the bookcase comes from the drifting island, its breathing, walking
alone, and the hurrying expression can also be written. The photo of Kunming
Green Lake is covered with thick black hair and smiling with weeping willows and
dams. The wind, the torn bread accompanied the red-billed gull, and free to
walk, of course, to write, the future crutches of the water-based pen lying at
the table. Behind it is the scent of heaven in the rotten air. Finally, if you
want, write someone who loved me when you were young Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. Really,
they all came up with tears and shook hands with me silently - Kathy "When I was
lonely, I didn't seem to be Cassie, he would talk to time at any time." On the
surface, it is a lonely person. In fact, he has too much passion and support in
his time. While I need to work hard, I play the words in time. Basically, he
couldn't help himself, poetry made him busy, and poetry made him leave more
jealousy. Going back to my heart, it is time that is getting stronger and
stronger, and it is more and more full of inner heart, just like walking in the
landscape of the country, and like stepping into the evening wind of the city.
The side of youthful stalwart, but also has a man's unique delicate. In the
social tide, he was not alone, and the culture took off. He did not refuse Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping. It
is along the trajectory of the times, along the hustle and bustle of time Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes,
looking for a rich world belonging to Cassie, I stopped in the wilderness of the
fear. An empty greet greets me, this is black juice, and the thick waves are
pouring over Cigarettes For Sale
. I can��t tell the inner blink of an eye-catching intention to
drink a bite, and it becomes a sage--Cassy��s greatness in the art of Snow
Village. There are imaginations, countless imaginations, and everything in the
world. At the same time, imagination also creates poetry. At the beginning of
the Book of Songs, countless myths and legends will appear in poetry. In
addition to the poet's other character, let the world have more time to pursue.
We can't say that the poet is a pure group, but in poetry. There are indeed too
1990. The first time I
1990. The first time I saw the real mobile phone was in the lobby of the Inner
Mongolia Hotel in Hohhot, which was seen in the movie before. There is a
fashionable lady who is wearing a windbreaker with one hand and a brick-sized
"big brother" standing in the middle of the hall. What caught my attention was
not her exaggerated movements, but the contrast between the black stupid "big
brother" and her fair skin. I have my first mobile phone, a small black
Motorola. Although it has been eight years since I saw the real mobile phone, it
was a glorious thing at the time. There were not many people with mobile phones
at that time. The function of the mobile phone is to make a call Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale, send a
message, and later add the function of taking pictures and playing songs. I
often use the phone and send messages. 2012. I use Samsung W799, I think the
function of calling and sending information on Samsung mobile phone is the best.
Later, the phone broke down and I changed to an iPhone 4. Compared with Samsung
W799, iphone 4 has a lot of difference between calling and sending messages Newport Short Carton. It is most
inconvenient that SMS messages are gone. It is inconvenient to send text
messages, store songs, and find contacts. But there are also Benefits: I can
access the Internet, log on to the website, watch online novels, go to QQ, send
QQ logs, I learned to check the weather forecast, scan the code to view the
product information..... It is also worthwhile. year 2013. Still iphone 4. I
learned to download ringtones, learned to post on WeChat, learned to send
messages, learned video calls, learned to look at friends, learned to send
photos, learned to jailbreak - and then came back, because the mobile phone
virus is too much in 2014. Still iphone 4. Learned to use WIFI, cloud storage,
Baidu, GPS to guide 2015. Changed the iphone 6. I learned a lot of new tricks,
learned to shop online with Alipay, learned to grab red packets, red envelopes,
and build public numbers in 2016. Download "Himalayan", "Get" APP, and know "Luo
fat", "Wanwei Steel", "Li Xiaolai", "PAPI Sauce"... Listen to Peking Opera,
listen to lectures, watch "Headline" Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, read
"Subscription Number", Look at Microelectronics 2017. The new year has just
begun, I don��t know what new things can be learned on mobile phones. Kevin
Kelly pointed out in the book "Inevitable": "The future of technology life will
be a series of endless upgrades." It will always be a rookie." He said, "Change
is inevitable. We now admit that everything is variable and everything is
changing - although many changes are not noticeable." He raised the formation,
flow, sharing, tracking, and Twelve trends, such as use, interaction Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes, screen
reading, re-mixing, filtering, knowledge, questioning, and start, the mobile
phone as a mobile multimedia centrally carries these changes. Kevin Kelly tells
us that the future world is fluid and interconnected. Non-flowing things are
"bad" things that are quickly abandoned. The things of the future are shared,
including information, technology, wealth, time, spirit, health, culture,
ideas... The technology of the future is the continuous evolution of network
artificial intelligence Cartons Of Newport
, becoming more and more intelligent. The human brain and the machine
are connected to each other and become an inseparable community. The human brain
and the artificial machine coexist and coexist better Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. The
efficiency of the work will be greatly improved. In the future, people's
important activities will be reading Wholesale Ciggarettes. Screen reading is
an important carrier for people to read and think. Screen reading machines can
observe people's emotions, interpret people's thoughts and thinks, and help
people solve problems better. The source of future creativity will be remixed,
the rich, cheap, timely and shared characteristics of network information
resources, so that each individual will borrow other people's resources through
splicing Cheap Cigarette Online Free
, modification, mixing, upgrading and transformation in a short
time. Knead new products and create. Future tracking technology will become a
technology and means widely used in the future, and keen sensors, hyperlinks and
GPS real-time location services will be widely used. The future of the Internet
connects the world more closely. The whole world is an ecological circle. In
this ecosystem, every creature lives and lives. You have me and I have you in
the future. The Internet will provide us with more. Flow, share, track, use,
interact, screen, remix, filter, educate, ask, and start. We are now standing at
the beginning to meet the future changes. We have revolutionized the mobile
phone in the past 30 years, and we will not know what the future mobile phone
will look like. What we know is that "the future has come, but it is not yet
popular." What we know is - learn fr om the future, learn from future
generations, and not become "mental" in life. What we know is that - in mobile
applications, "we will always be rookies." Everything is learning. We live in an
era wh ere there is only a never-ending present, there will be no past and
future. Although we are old, we still In the lead, despite the faltering.  
Waiting, waiting
Waiting, waiting, the breeze blew, and the hot summer finally came. Everything
is lush, and Yan Yan opened his eyes. The mountains are dark green and dark
green. The rain is coming, and the sun seems to have endless light, and the
energy is over. Wildflowers are full of hillsides, red, pink, blue mountains and
mountains, and it is beautiful. In the garden, a large piece of flowers is
planted in various samples Newport Box
. People watched, smelled, photographed, and busy sending photos to
friends, poplars, willows, phoenix trees, and banyan trees all unfolding their
own charms, and they didn't want to let them fill the leaves. Peach trees,
apricot trees, and pear trees are full of summer fruits, with a hint of aroma.
The roar of the trees keeps on disturbing the dreams of the nap, but don't be
angry. Look, "green trees are shaded in summer," and the old people in the shade
of the trees are playing poker and playing chess. When you get up and come to
the shade of the tree, you can look at the cup of herbal tea, which will make
you feel another mood. The rain in summer is the most annoying Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. It is
clear that the sky is clear, and a thunderstorm drifts over you to pour you into
a chicken Buy Newports. The rain is clear
and the air is mixed with the fresh air of the mud and the grass, letting you
smell a cool look. Finally, when the sun sets, the summer night is coming, the
square dance of the aunts and aunts who love and be troubled in the block square
begins to appear, that is, the music sounds a bit noisy. Next to the badminton,
there are young people with shuttlecocks, and several teenagers are
rollerblading. What is even more ridiculous is that two or three-year-old
children have a lollipop in their mouths and dance around the lead dancers to
attract passers-by to watch. Everything is so harmonious. In the summer, his
broad mind is open, he embraces everything Marlboro Usa Price, brings the hot
enthusiasm to people Marlboro Lights
, and everything looks so lush and strong in the summer.
Xiao Xiao has bee
Xiao Xiao has been unsure whether she has had a happy childhood. In the
impression, parents always quarrel, and they have a big fight in three or two
days. At the beginning, the neighbors came over to persuade, and the neighbors
did not come. At that time, Xiaoxiao was still young and could not do anything
about quarreling. He could only shut himself in the room and use his quilt to
cover his head. He whispered and screamed, Xiaoxiao grew up, but his parents
continued. The quarrel, when the noise is fierce, there will be a big fight, the
house is a mess, and finally Xiaoxiao to clean up the day of the summer
vacation, Xiaoxiao is watching the US drama in his room, the parents in the
living room, I do not know what, because of Noisy. Xiaoxiao frowned and stood
up. When he walked out of the room, he picked up a glass and Xiaoxiao looked at
the parents who were quarreling. Suddenly they felt pitiful. Xiao Xiao slammed
the glass to the ground and slammed it. The glass slag flew up fr om the ground
and landed on Xiaoxiao's arm, drawing a long wound and blood. The parents��
quarrel came to an abrupt end. The mother screamed and ran over to see Xiao
Xiao's wound. Xiao Xiao pushed her mother away. The mother and her father met
each other. The atmosphere in the house suddenly dying. Xiao Xiao said with a
slap in the face: "I haven't made any difference!" The mother sighed and said:
"Mixed children, what do you say, I don't divorce your dad!" Xiaoxiao said with
no expression: "I don't have Just kidding, you should go through the divorce
procedure as soon as possible." Finally, Xiaoxiao��s father went out, and the
mother covered her face and cried. Xiaoxiao has always been confused. Why do
other parents�� parents are loving and affecting their parents? Always
quarreling, endless quarrels? Like Xiaoxiao��s good friend Xiaoyou, Xiaoyou��s
mother is always whispering when she speaks. She has never seen her yelling at
Xiaoyou��s father, and Xiaoyou��s father. It is always an amiable look. When she
was very good at the college entrance examination for Xiaoyou and Xiaoyou,
Xiaoxiao did not hesitate to fill a school in the field. Xiaoxiao wanted to
escape from this home, so When the opportunity came out, she was not ambiguous
at all. In the four years of college, Xiao Xiao rarely went home. Even during
the summer vacation, Xiao Xiao used excuses to work part-time instead of going
home. In fact, that home has long lost its appeal to Xiaoxiao, and Xiaoxiao is
willing to call his dormitory. Xiao Xiao also rarely calls his parents. The
phone call is just a few simple words, and then there is endless silence. Every
time I hang up, Xiao Xiao always takes a few deep breaths. Shortly after Xiao
Xiao took part in the work, he met a favorite boy. His name is Ming Hua. Minghua
is a gentle and kind man, and he loves Xiaoxiao with his heart. Xiao Xiao also
likes him very much. Soon, they established a relationship, and Minghua moved to
live with Xiaoxiao. Every night, they will fall asleep, Minghua always say "I
love you" when Xiaoxiao is about to fall asleep Newport Box 100S Carton, so Xiaoxiao will laugh
out in his dreams. Xiaoxiao thought, happiness, is it like this? When I can't
sleep, Xiaoxiao will think of her parents and think of their fierce quarrels.
Xiaoxiao will ask herself if her parents have like her and Minghua. Have you
ever loved it? Or, after many years, will you and Minghua often quarrel like
your parents? After a while, Minghua wakes up and sees Xiaoxiao sitting in the
bed and stays in bed again. Xiaoxiao and Ming The news of China��s marriage,
Xiaoxiao��s parents did not know, because Xiaoxiao did not tell them. In fact,
Xiaoxiao��s marriage to Minghua was also a whimsy, so they went to get the
certificate, and then went to the Sichuan Hotel wh ere they often went to eat a
meal to express their congratulations. After the marriage, Minghua became more
and more love Xiaoxiao, Xiaoxiao also loved Minghua more carefully. They go to
work together during the day, come back to dinner together at night, have
dinner, and go hand in hand to go to the nearby park for a walk. From time to
time, Minghua will bring a bunch of flowers back Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa,
Xiaoxiao always carefully put those flowers in the vase. For a few days, the
room was filled with scent Newport
Cigarettes Cartons Sale
, and Minghua didn��t know. When Xiaoxiao was in the
flower arrangement, he always muttered a few words on the flowers, and then
carefully inserted into the vase. I went to Xiaoxiao to live with Minghua for
three years. One night three years later, Xiaoxiao and Minghua finished the
dinner silently. Then Minghua said to Xiaoxiao: "We are divorced!" Xiaoxiao��s
heart is tight Carton Of Newport 100
. But soon recovered calm. This moment is still coming, Xiao Xiao
has a feeling of relief, but after a minute, Xiao Xiao began to hate this
feeling. The next day, Xiaoxiao and Minghua quietly handled the divorce
procedure. Minghua moved away from their common home. No, it should have been a
common home. One week after Minghua��s departure, Xiao Xiao applied for an
assignment with the company. The company quickly approved it and Xiao Xiaofei
went to the other end of the earth Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. When
walking in the streets of a foreign country, Xiao Xiao��s mood is very
complicated. The fate is really the most teasing of people, saying that they
have to go to the two people who are old and desolate. When they turn around,
they will go to the world. The two hands that are clearly held, but there is no
longer the original temperature, this is the best ending. Now, when you meet
again, I hope that I will not shed tears.  
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