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d another unusual nic
The long wait in four years finally ushered in the 2012 Olympic year. The
enthusiasm of the igniting of the flames, the enthusiasm of cheering, the
enthusiasm of the five-star red flag rising, filled with every match day. Some
familiar or unfamiliar faces will always make us cry in the blink of an eye,
leaving behind another unusual nick in my heart. Resilience: Liu Xiang fell,
still insisted that Liu Xiang, who was wearing the 1356 shirt in the 110m
hurdles of the full field, was placed in the fourth group of the sixth group.
The temperature in London during the game was low, and such weather conditions
were not very conducive to the track and field players to create good results.
After entering the stadium, Liu Xiang first squatted on the runway and fully
felt the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. Subsequently, the Chinese flying man
took off his coat, and Liu Xiang, wearing a red shirt, was particularly
eye-catching. When the live host introduced Liu Xiang, he habitually extended
his right hand and his face showed a bright smile. After stepping on the
starting block, Liu Xiang��s mouth was filled with a confident smile. The
starting gun started, and Liu Xiang��s starting response was 0.123 seconds, the
fastest among the nine players. However, when Liu Xiang attacked the first
column, his left foot hit the hurdle directly, and Liu Xiang fell heavily on the
ground. At that moment Wholesale
, the voice of the commentator choked. My tears also rushed out,
blurring my gaze. In the middle of the battle Online Cigarettes, he climbed up and
jumped to the finish line with one leg. After kissing the last column belonging
to him, he burst into the game. Finally, Liu Xiang left the stadium in a
wheelchair and ended his third Olympic tour. This series of shots won the
respect of the opponents who had already reached the end Carton Of Cigarettes, and the
audience gave a warm applause after the shock, and even stunned and regretted
the people who had been in front of the TV. Of course, in the voice of
discussion, it is still mixed. This is not surprising, because he is Liu Xiang,
our flying man, which is proud to say "Asia has me, China has me." For the
people who once liked Liu Xiang, Applause, tolerance and comfort at this time
are more valuable and more humane care than ever before. More importantly, in
today's China, people are no longer "disordered" for the success of a gold
medal, because we are confident enough. Behind the gold medal, we began to pay
more attention to the living "people" who pursue success and surpass themselves
in the spirit of Kuafu's day-to-day spirit, as well as their sports stories.
Their perseverance, never give up, become the most beautiful flower in our
hearts. This day, it should not be the night of Liu Xiang sports life, it is not
the end, but the starting point. Life has been hard work, wonderful, lost,
rising, and what can't be done? We believe and wish that Liu Xiang, who has
experienced all of this, will become stronger and more mature, and this young
man named "Xiang" will also take of
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eting the goal, brings me new warnin
WA pen, after being rejected, brought me endless sorrow; a pen, after bringing
sadness, brought me deep thoughts; a pen, after being thought, gave me the power
to move forward. A pen, after bringing power, gives me the goal of sprinting; a
pen, after completing the goal, brings me new warnings; a pen, when I warn me,
it tells me: you are now The location is "0", you have nothing now! Your life
has no end, no possession. The thought of a pen went into the campus, and the
yellow leaves fluttered like a group of butterflies from the sky, and the autumn
leaves were scattered, and they danced like a group of butterflies. However, the
feelings given to me in the classroom are quite different. When I walked into
the classroom, I had to use a faint gaze to cast it. Although this is Thursday,
it is the day that belongs to me in the fairy tale, but it has not become a
reality. Because "the fairy tale is a lie." In desperation, I gently picked up
the pen and gently lowered it. The pen crossed an arc from the air, the shape of
a bridge Marlboro Lights, the
shape of the rainbow gradually disappearing. Then a bridge collapsed like this,
and it was broken silently. It was this pen that made me think about an arc, a
rainbow, a broken bridge. It��s this pen that makes me think about it. When the
goal is about to be completed, it��s often a complete failure. Therefore, I
understand that when the goal is to be completed, it does not mean that the goal
has been achieved. The true friendship is not so well established.It is not
because I lost that I feel their beauty mokingusacigarettes.com. Those
things that no longer exist, past, present, and future, I will always appreciate
and nostalgic. Any spring twenty years ago, as it is now. Wildflowers are opened
beside the track and field, and the newly turned rice fields exude a touch of
earthy atmosphere. After a spring rain, the rice fields are filled with spring
water, and the warm sun hangs obliquely in the sky, and the air is fresh and
fragrant. At this time, even if you are hiding at home, you will hear the frogs
that are coming and going. Everywhere around you - lotus ponds, rice fields,
ditches, hillsides... frogs are everywhere. They sang their heads out of the
water, or squatted in the grass, screaming their white belly. This is a huge
choir! Thousands of singers coordinated and screamed their voices. A burst of
frog sounds spread from the far and near wilderness to the air, and then spread
in all directions. In harmony with the sound of birds and dogs, I played the
unique spring symphony of the country. I was often attracted by this voice, and
I dropped the work that was doing it, and sneaked out to see the frog in the
rice field Marlboro
. In the watery rice fields, the head of the frog looks out, one here,
one there. Looking around, there were sleek, round eyes. When they sang, the
tympanic membrane on both sides of the mouth swelled roundly, like two small
white balloons. They may suddenly jump up and flatten themselves, jumping from
one otter into another leeches; perhaps climbing up the mud that is out of the
water, squatting, drumming and looking for bugs, or drumming their belly "sings.
With these frogs that make the springs hot, you will feel the smell of spring is
stronger and stronger. It is spring again. The rice fields are often filled with
water, and wildflowers are still blooming along the path. However, the frog is
gone. In the open field, I can��t hear the scream of a frog, I can hear a few
more frogs! Even a single sound! Could these beautiful things really have passed
away forever?
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r everything. He didn
r everything. He didn��t want me? Where should I go? At home, the family can't
afford me? It��s really lively, but it��s not related to me. ��You, what are you
crying?�� He said, ��Master, can you?�� I took the greatest courage of my life
and said to him, ��Can you stay with me for a while, not too long? Waiting for
it, I will leave, I, I really have no place to go. Almost at the same time, I
cried out, I groaned, holding my head and crying, closing my eyes, I don��t have
to think about it. "Hey, hello, don't cry, I think about it. "I continued to cry
so badly. "You cry again, I just left. I looked up and looked at him. He really
started to pack his bags and was ready to go. I couldn��t stop it. I dragged him
to cry and cried him. He told me, "Well, but my family is not short, I don��t
want it myself. Then you are my wife. My wife, this vocabulary first appeared in
my mind, I never thought about it, that is, those new bridesmaids who wore red
clothes and sat on the sedan chair? Before the village people made fun of me,
who said to be a wife, my mother is still jealous. They, when they washed
clothes, the guy who went to the city to be an apprentice passed by the stream
and walked on the dam. I looked at me with ecstasy. I didn't dare to look at
him. I looked at myself in the water. I laughed at myself in the water. It��s
stupid to gently grin. If you don��t come here, I might marry a guy like that in
a few years. Now, this person, he said, I am his wife, I dare not look at him.
Now, his clothes are too neat, so thick glasses, must read a lot of books, I,
how can I marry such a person? I dare not speak "Reassured, I will not hurt you.
He patted me on the shoulder. "How old are you?" "Five-fifth" I said, "It��s
only fifteen." He said with amazement. "I thought you were an adult. You will
treat me as a brother. I heard that there is a child in this family. I told the
family that you are a child, you will believe, but I don't know what is going on
with Tong Yang, go back and say it. Right, your clothes don't look right, I will
take you to the store and pick a few. Calling the tailor is quicker, it should
be good in a few days. After that, he pulled up my hand and walked forward. I
followed it obediently. I was a bit solid and with a loss. He should be a good
person. When I came out of the store, I had changed my clothes. It happened that
there was a blue jersey and a pair of sleeves in the store. It was suitable for
me. He said it was quite good, he bought it. After a while, he suddenly stopped.
Come down and ask me: "Yes, what is your name? "��Ѿ. "I thought that this name
is nothing. I walked all the way and told me about my previous affairs. I also
knew that he was originally an international student who came back fr om Japan.
Wh ere is Japan? He said that at the other end of the sea, he could not see the
side. I can't think of that look. But in front of him, in front of his
gold-rimmed glasses, it is especially difficult to open his teeth. He frowned.
It seems that he is not satisfied. "This is not enough, my parents will not like
it. En happened to pass a rice shop, the store owner saw him and said hello:
"Come back, Master Teng"Come back, Liu Bo." He grinned at the man, grabbed a
door and placed the beans. "Liu Bo, can you give me red beans?" Master, take it,
and I am polite. "Thank you, Liu Bo, go home and put your luggage and come to
visit." To the young master, who is this girl, weird. "My wife." He smiled. The
man didn't respond. He took my hand and left. The man asked him later. He didn't
answer. Until he turned the street, a small alley, he put the red beans. Plugged
in my hand and said: "Hold it, the ancients said that this thing is the most
love. "I looked up, looked at his head Marlboro Cigarettes, and looked at me
with clear eyes. I felt my face hot again. How strange is he? I took red beans
and rubbed my hands in one hand. "That, why? He, I am your wife? I, I..." I
began to weep, tears flowed down, is he guaranteed? Forget it, don't be stupid,
he should only take me to the end of summer, I said it myself, I can't rely on
it, At that time, he will not hurry, I will leave by myself. "Oh, how do you
always cry, Lin sister." He said, "Don't cry, I just saw red beans. I think it's
quite like you. You see, your face is always the same as the red beans. Oops,
red beans can't, red beans are like a beggar, I will go out later, people will
not answer well, so... I hope you can pick more, this thing is the most
lovesick. Pick, color string, good name! There is no end to the fifty strings.
That, you are called a color string, "color string." I read it again, but I
don't know what it means, nodded slightly, because it sounds really beautiful,
we negotiated well, and went on, the scenery at that time, It's very different
from now, but except for your hands, I don't remember any scenes. "It's time."
He stopped and I stopped and looked up. A lacquered door was in the eye, but the
red was a little dim Newport
. There was a small pair of stone lions on both sides. I had a brown
gold-colored mansion on the top. I couldn��t read the literacy. I didn��t know
what I wrote, but I know that. It is a family that is richer than the landlords
in the village. So, what am I? I didn't dare to go in. I called Teng Chuan. I
almost forgot to say it. Remember, go in and call me. "He smiles evilly, and he
doesn't look so stable at all."Tengchuan, a strange name." I thought, like a
foreigner, if she knows that I am here, will she be happy? I suddenly remembered
that he took my hand and said it. I looked at him and felt that my feet were
weak. Suddenly I remembered that I had not eaten more than a day. I just ran and
sweated, and I reacted. He became obscured by me Cigarettes For Sale. I should go. I
want to open his hand. I can't open it. I feel powerless. The last glance is the
twilight sky Tengchuan, a beautiful name.
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day is my 80th birthday,
Today's sunshine seems to be quite good, white and swaying, and the vine leaves
have covered the wall. When I came out to see it, I just budd. After a morning
in the yard, I took out the shroud and dried it. The green and shining light
shone in the sun, and it looked warm, and the whole person was confused.
Listening to the children said that today is my 80th birthday, hey, what life is
not a long life, now alive, just wait Cigarettes Online, Teng Chuan, you
say yes. These two days, the old dreams of you, you are still a middle-aged
look, a suit, a dream, I just met you like, with a twist, a thick bangs, now I
dare Looking in the mirror, I can't recognize it myself. The old woman in the
mirror is me. You won't dislike me, Teng Chuan. At that time, I said, when I
knew that I was not calling, I would leave. Oh, now, so many summers have
passed, I am afraid, I am afraid that if you don��t write it down, no one will
remember it. (One person now, I am called Mrs. Teng, indeed, I have lived in the
big house for so many years, I It seems to have become a part of you for a long
time. I don't know if anyone still remembers, my name is the color string, it is
still what you take, the first time I see you, it is a cloudy day. The pier is
very windy, you can see it in the distance. The ship with the gray smoke, and
the gray sea that can't see the side. There are a lot of people at the dock, and
there are many people who are bustling. I have nothing to do with it. I look
down on my face. I don't dare to look at the face. I remember very clearly. On
that day, I combed a twist. Hey, I��m wearing a red ribbon. Although my
nutrition can��t keep up, my hair is really black and bright. The ribbon seems
to be difficult to tie. The clothes are made of indigo blue cloth, which should
be my first piece. Decent clothes. A few days ago, I was mulling in the fields
and washing at the river. But now, I am standing here, waiting for a buyer,
buying me back to be a sly person, the family��s change, I need such a money
middleman. Waiting for the buyer, what was thinking about it at the time, I
can't remember it, maybe I really didn't think about anything. A little girl can
have anything to think about. The hawkers who sell snow cream, sell cigarettes
and sell snacks yell at me like snowflakes. I am about to be sold "��..." The
whistle sounded, and another ship arrived. It is said that the ship can go to
the other side of the sea. The people there are golden hair, I am thinking about
it. Hey, I felt a pain in my knee, and I was shocked and didn��t look up. "I'm
sorry, sorry." It has already been passed. This is a heavy voice. It is very
heavy. I saw a suitcase spread out. There are several sets of shirts in it, and
there are several books. All of them fell out and he was in a hurry. I bent over
and squatted, I looked at him slightly, looked at him, looked at him in a black
suit, looked very tall, and combed his hair back, very neat, with shiny light, a
pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his face, dragging on the big On the nose,
underneath the nose is a neatly tidy beard. I don��t see his eyes, but I think
he is looking at me. It��s a strange feeling. I don��t know if I want to bend
over. The middleman looks at everything and doesn��t talk. Looking at him
crampedly, he stood up and asked me: "Girl, it's okay. I nodded. "What are you
doing here? Waiting for loved ones? He said, full of concern. I don't say, this
time the middleman said: "Hey, I didn't hurt you, we are selling it." "Selling?
I have been out for so many years, I didn't expect the family to be like this!
These vulgarities should have been banned." The man said that although I was not
sure what he said at the time, "I want to buy this." The man said, "How much?"
The middleman heard, and said that someone had already set "that would be twice
as much money." He said that the wind was light and the middleman was busy. "Oh,
you have to listen to the old man, Serve the lord." The middleman took the
money, yelled at me, I can only nod, that is, in the future, I will be around
this man Carton Of
, maybe this is not bad, I like the faint mint flavor on his body,
not irritating I onlfeel comfortable mokingusacigarettes.com, but I
am afraid, will he be a bad person"Let's go." The man suddenly said to me that
he looked up and looked at him. His eyes were not big, but he was very serious.
I don't talk, tears, along the bridge of the nose, leaving straight, from hot to
cold. I looked up. He was very anxious. He looked at the distance all the time.
It was very noisy around. However, I couldn��t seem to hea

One day, I suddenly t
One day, I suddenly thought about getting up early to watch the sunrise, and I
watched the weather forecast on the first night. I confirmed that there was no
rain and it was four o'clock in the morning. The alarm sounded several times. It
was uncomfortable to sleep and sleep. In any case, I have to believe that if I
am for myself, I can��t be sorry for myself. It seems to be a contradiction. Is
it to keep my promises right, or to wake myself up? I didn't wait to go out and
began to measure the importance of both. In the end, I promised to go out of the
house and make the alarms right. People, living seems to be always entangled in
contradictions, no matter where it is in the morning, it is very quiet. When I
was young in the countryside, I often get up early at sunrise time, so I don��t
think so. Nowadays, I have more days, I miss the sunrise. There seems to be a
feeling of fresh rebirth. This morning, the cold weather hit people, wearing
thick and cool silk, only to find that the sunny autumn morning is so beautiful,
standing on the riverside looking east, the bright mountain behind the sun is
slowly coming out, it is time, "a The whole world is bright after the "side",
and the work of the day has already begun. The sense of urgency has followed. At
this time, I discovered that if there is no Yaxing, even if I look at the peony,
it may not be beautiful. The view of the flower is all in the state of mind.
There are a lot of thoughts in the youth, for the cause, for the family, for the
fame and fortune, these are all the time, the year has passed, if then In my
heart, I will feel sad if I can see the sunrise tomorrow. This is a
contradiction and adjustment of my mood Parliament Cigarettes. The morning breeze
circling against the morning glow, rolling up the autumn leaves to lift them up
very high Wholesale
, and slowly letting go, the simple natural phenomenon recurs, the
wind knows the leaves and wants to return to the roots, the leaves are ignorant
of the wind, the wilderness is boundless, The black soil dragged the misty side,
and the natural paintings were written in a quiet and moving way. I walked on my
own, I didn't like the feeling of being single and natural. The shadow of the
sun made my body slender, the silence of the car in the morning was very good,
and the car on the empty road was flying fast. It seemed to be the same in the
morning. Thousands of people are still sleeping in their sleep. Countless nights
and early mornings, I will be empty, and there will be past and illusion in my
mind, and I can't sleep. Many years ago, I was trapped by my feelings. Every
night I will recapture my thoughts, and I will remember them in my heart. Now I
have committed a few old problems and stayed up all night. Thousands of thoughts
will eventually fall, only the morning of this day I care, there is no green
mountains Cigarettes Online, no
wild red flowers, only the autumn breeze swayed my forehead, fell the
windbreaker's clothes corner. On the banks of the Nenjiang River, looking at the
wilderness of the autumn morning, although some are desolate, it is also empty
and quiet, simple and natural, rare and quiet red and autumn colors, without
covering the mountains, calmly facing the rising sun. Everything in the world
will feel the same as long as you are connected. If you think that it is as calm
as nature, why do you feel tired? You don't have to deliberately modify your
face, you don't care who you feel. Unconsciously, it was already more than seven
in the morning, and the footsteps took me away. I didn��t appreciate much in the
summer of my old days. I also rushed in the morning exercise, and it was a
spring and autumn.
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When the emotion is lo
When the emotion is lost, visit the original place, accompanied by the sunset
and autumn rain. If you are in such a situation, how can you taste it? When the
rain accidentally splashed into the face, how can the cockroaches that are born
still remain in my heart. Once upon a time, I fell in love with that distant
mountain. A while ago, the sky was drizzling with drizzle, and the rain after
the late autumn had a different kind of feeling, sorrow and sorrow, and a
detailed description. I looked at the distant mountains, and I was so
embarrassed that I didn't know where the impulse originated. I wanted to see it.
The rain is naturally clear in the autumn, but I seem to have a unique feeling
for it, with a sense of "cold and cold." The distant mountains in the setting
sun are covered with pale golden brilliance, reflected in the stream of clouds
and the evening glow at dusk. As I held the umbrella, I gradually approached it.
The steps of the road, the traces of the emerald-like green inlaid in it were
distinct Parliament Cigarettes. The
stone steps are similar to the blood of the human body, and the top of it is
covered with a layer of mottled leaves. The leaves hang their heads, dripping
down some crystal rain, hitting the stones and squeaking, but like the sound of
bamboo, I took it up, the road was rugged and slippery, I turned around, I was
about to look to the end but not yet At the end, at this time, with my footsteps
and the melody of the rain, the heart is already quiet, such as the same small
ditch, just wish to stay quiet for a while, carefully understand something. A
pavilion appeared shortly before, and no one, it was recessed into the longevity
of the grass, which was quite elegant and lonely. It was all wooden, but the
simple layer of Uwa. Unconsciously, speed up the steps of going up the mountain,
put down the umbrella, lean it on one side, walk into the pavilion, and enjoy
the tranquility of immersing in the rain for a moment. I was sitting on a wooden
chair with my shoulders slightly leaning against the surface of the pillars. I
closed my eyes and seemed to smell something. It was the sound of rain or the
friction of the leaves. It didn��t seem to be. I didn��t expect the sound to
gradually clear up. I blinked and only felt the light of the sunset slowly
flowing into the pavilion, infiltrating into the position where I sat down. What
is warm and joyful, it seems to be inconsistent with this cold autumn Newport 100S. I put my gaze away
and scanned some of the writing on the pillar next to my hand. I couldn��t see
it because I was separated by a few meters. I got up and thought of the words in
a curious heart. There was a burst of pain in my heart that slowly spread out,
mixed with a bit of sourness, only because I saw the words on it. I am isolated
again, the hand touches the smudges of the memory that has been scattered in the
old place, and it is like the words covered by the bottom of the hand. They are
all memories, a feeling of reluctance, and also in the heart. I thought about
those things. I still remember that year, it seems that in the year that I will
forget, I went out with friends and walked through this place. At that time, we
went into the mountain fr om another place. From this road, I went out with them.
I was very tired, shouting, laughing at each other, very refreshing. We first
exercised on the stone bench next to the grass. They were still joking. Let me
sit first because the stone bench is shorter. Later, we continued down the
mountain and walked to the present kiosk to enjoy the harmony and satisfaction
Today, I can't forget it anymore. It's just arrogant, pure and beautiful. When
the weather is cool, it's so thick. The scene of the scene is like a roll of
film, recording too much detail and friendship, it is invaluable, at least in my
heart. In the past few years, I have moved to a lively place wh ere the soul may
be accustomed to this state, and glitz may have eroded all memories. I stood in
the pavilion for a long time, occasionally lost my heart, and people went to the
empty space, a sigh of sigh. I secretly think about this, read these. So for the
first time, I felt the sadness after the joy of the heart, and the rain outside
was still there. I still felt the smile and talk of the warmth in the past, but
now I can't go back anyway. Looking at the sun in the west, I am about to
converge on the horizon, returning to the mountain with helplessness. I am far
away from the mountain pavilions. I look back at the distant mountains and see
me again. However, even the original sunset is not lost in the rain. Existed.
The distant mountains carry too much innocence and joy, and they also bear too
much heavy, and the world can not afford the long-term full burden is often this
feeling and such delicate mind and spirit. It is a sound memory; a unique
thought; a heart that observes the true realm and cherishes
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Lin Daiyu said that Li
Lin Daiyu said that Liu Wei is a "mother locust". Many red scientists are  dissatisfied with this. They think that Lin Daiyu despised the working people  Liu Wei to Rong Guofu. In addition to Jia Mu, others have smiled at Liu Wei.  Daiyu is even less vocal, saying that Liu Wei is a "mother locust." Lin Daiyu  also let Xichun draw the locusts in the Daguanyuan map, and named it as ��to  bring a big picture. However, Lin��s statement was praised by  Baozhen:  ��Only the child��s mouth is narrow Online Cigarettes, he uses the method  of spring and autumn, the city The swear words, blame it, delete the complex,  and then add touches, for example, a sentence is why Lin Daiyu would say such a  thing in the 40th, Jiamu and everyone went to the Spring House after dinner.  There is a couch in the spring house, and the bed is hung with a gauze of  double-embroidered flowers and grass bugs. The board ran over and looked at it  and said, "This is, this is the grasshopper." Liu Wei was busy slap him and  shouted: "Below the yellow, no dry, no mess, scream When you come in, you get on  your face." The board screamed and everyone was busy persuading them. The  locusts and cockroaches all have special meanings. The locust is the "prey  worm", the insect of the scorpion. The locusts and cockroaches represent the  emperor, they are not allowed to say, the board said, and they slap a slap. Lin  Yiyu said that the locust means ironic, Qianlong is The emperor, the ministers  of the princes, the jewels of the jewels of the jewels of the jewels, but the  scent of the scent of the scent of the singer, but the singer of the scorpion,  said that the "mother worm" is another meaning that Liu Wei is also a "toon"  representing Qianlong. In the book, Liu Wei did not understand anything in the  Grand View Garden, so that he left behind the words. In the section of Liu Yi��s  drunken Yiyi Red Courtyard, Liu Wei��s stinky wine stained the bedroom of Baoyu.  Tea at Miaoyu. At that time, Liu Wei, who only "sucks the drink" and does not  taste tea, used the tea cup of Miaoyu. The "colored vignette cover clock" of the  tea cup into a kiln is a very valuable royal thing, but Miaoyu is still dirty.  Don��t worry about it, even the water that washes the cup will not let Baoyu get  into the door. These plots all indicate that Cao Xueqin wrote the story of  Qianlong on Liu Wei��s body. Some people think that the precious tea cup used by  Liu Wei will be One of the evidences for Jia's being copied Cheap Cigarettes, I think this is  purely a compilation of "Dream of Red Mansions" and has repeatedly mentioned  "Fengyue". The middle of the traditional Chinese characters of Fengyue is the  word "two insects". This "two insects" refers to aphids. Hehe. In the fifth  round, the "poor wind and moon debts are difficult to pay", the word "windy  moon" was replaced by "two insects", which means that the debts owed to the  royal family are endless, and they are still unclear. The appearance of the moon  is the root of the defeated family. It is also said that the royal family is the  root cause of the decline of the Cao family. The new system of the 12th red  building has "only for the wind and the moon, ...", "the wind and the moon is  strong" is to remind the readers of "Dream of Red Mansions" "Writing the  emperor, don't have unrealistic fantasies about the "two insects". It is because  of the emperor that there is the "Dream of Red Mansions" with "Huaijinyuyu". At  the end of the 23rd, "Morning morning embroidered night heart is innocent" "I  hate it for the moon," meaning that everything from morning to night is gone. My  heart is only the emperor's hate Marlboro Lights. The alias of  "Dream of Red Mansions" is "Feng Yue Bao Jian", and the "two insects" inside  refers to the emperor. It means that as long as you read "Feng Yue Bao Jian",  you can see the true face of Qianlong.
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Cao Xueqin said that
Cao Xueqin said that "Dream of Red Mansions" is not a book of "when the world is  hurt", but this may be a remark. "Dream of Red Mansions" not only smashed the  Emperor Qianlong, but also was very powerful. Some people think that  Yu is  the Emperor Yongzheng. I think the basis is not enough. This is just a statement  of one family or two. "Dream of Red Mansions" is very clear, Cao Xueqin is a  Qianlong, this is written by Cao Xueqin, not my personal point of view, there is  no room for rebuttal. The important reason why Cao Xueqin hated Qianlong was  that he took Qin Hongyu and abandoned Qin Hongyu. Finally, Qin Hongyu was  killed. For this "Zhongshan Wolf" and "Sentimental Beast", Cao Xueqin has made a  lot of work. Cao Xueqin wrote the Emperor Qianlong with the "Batoo Method". As  we have already said in the previous article Cigarettes Online,  Yu is a  "toon" representing the Emperor Qianlong. He later slammed the bell. Like Zhang  , Jia Wei is also an embodiment of the emperor. In "Dream of Red Mansions",  " Da Fool" is as lustful as Jia Han, like "Hungry Mouse". They are all "eat  in the pot and look at the pot." So, Cao Xueqin also wrote the emperor's affairs  on Jia Wei. Xiaohong went from Jia Baoyu's room to Wang Xifeng's room. Qingwen  said that Xiaohong "caught high branches." In Jia Muxin, Wang Xifeng and Jia  Baoyu are compared with Wang Xifeng, who is a "grandson and daughter-in-law",  and Jia Baoyu is a "grandson". Wang Xifeng will once again please speak, and her  status cannot be compared with Jia Baoyu. In Jia Mu's heart, Wang Xifeng and Jia  Baoyu are very important. If Xiaohong is transferred from Jia Baoyu's room to  Wang Xifeng's room, it can be regarded as "flat", and it is impossible to "catch  a high branch." However, Wang Xifeng and Jia Wei were husband and wife, and they  were transferred to the room of Wang Xifeng. Jia Wei was the embodiment of the  emperor, so he said that Xiao Hong "caught high branches." In addition, Jia Wei  and Jia Huan are also "inferior seeds." In "Dream of Red Mansions", Jia Huan is  also a "toon" representing the emperor. Compared with Jia Baoyu, Jia Huan is an  ugly and innocent seed. Cao Xueqin came to Qianlong through the ring of Jia Jia.  In contrast, Jia Zheng also likes Jia Baoyu. There are many wives and wives Newport Cigarettes, and he is  embarrassed to be embarrassed. Finally, I spent 800 yuan and bought a  17-year-old blush for "Lust" and Heng Wang. In this story, we can learn that  although General Qin Si Niang has a certain appeal, she is already dead. After  her death, Baoyu "I am too busy for Si Niang, and the song is still awkward."  Very sorry. Here Qin Si Niang is actually an incarnation of Qin Hongyu, Cao  Xueqin is also very dissatisfied with Qianlong in politics. He believes that  some of the favored people in Qianlong have "the evils of greed." Moreover, "the  water and drought do not accept, the rat pirates, the land is robbed, the rats  steal the dog, the people are uneasy, so the officers and soldiers arrested, it  is difficult to settle." Qianlong is only the scorpion that sucks the fat of the  people, through the mouth of Jiao Da and Liu Xianglian, Cao Xueqin also married  the Emperor Qianlong as a "live animal Marlboro
." He is also like a shrewd street, Qianlong is "forgetting eight  lambs", is a "hybrid", the royal stone is clean except for the stone lions in  front of the door, and everything else is very dirty. I hate Qianlong very much,  even "white knife goes in, red knife comes out." Fat Yanzhai commented:  "Suddenly picking up this Jiaoda section, it is really shocking. One word of  tears, one tears a bloody bead. "A Dream of Red Mansions" has been produced for  260 years. In addition to Zhiyanzhai, no one knows that Jiaoda��s people are  "stunned". Maybe only one person in Zhiyanzhai knows Jiaoda. "One word, one  tear, one tear." The most important thing is that the first blood is the fifth  time. Qianlong is not only the beginning of the rumor, but Cao Xueqin said that  Qianlong is the "Zhongshan Wolf". The "Zhongshan Wolf" that is ungrateful is not  only "the ruthless beast", but also does not read the "root of the day". And  "Zhongshan Wolf" "getting mad", even the king's house is "like inferior", "Tong  Pu Liu" Cao Xueqin smashed Qianlong, but the Emperor Qianlong did not see it,  and He did not see it. Qianlong believes that "Dream of Red Mansions" is the  family of Pearl. For more than 260 years, people have not seen it.
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e turned to many people, and
When I was young, my friends have come, stayed, and gone far away. It is not the
name of this person, but the person who can stay in your memory. I haven't seen
you for many years, but my friends have turned to many people, and the Quartet
seeks your message. And you are still experiencing one heart after another Cigarettes Online, you have no
reason to pay attention mokingusacigarettes.com.
Sleeping at the foot of the big tree, humbly doing a morning glory, just vying
for the evening, no matter what the date, there will be friends crying, mourning
your unspeakable words. Can you tell? You smiled faintly, faintly said sorry,
and turned to the text for her, she immediately smiled and even pleaded. Friends
in memory, like the wind, like the rain, like the cloud, like the fire, but
there are really a few intimate friends. In every stage of growth, you will know
some new friends Marlboro
, lose some old friends, often The more people get along, the more
they know the details, the more you dare to move forward, only to treat with a
sincere heart. Do everything possible to find your friends, even if you are far
away, but your heart is still closely connected; relative friends, sometimes
close to hear each other's heartbeat, but you feel that she is so far away from
you, smiling, very warm to you Friends, but when you turn around, you say that
you are not; familiar strange friends, will be ruthless because of a small
matter. You step back and have a taste in your heart. Treating the people around
you with a sincere heart, so naively thought that you can really change your
heart, but you don't want to be hurt again. Derogatory, it is said that love is
out of the limelight, silent, and said to be pretending to be deep, occasionally
smiling Newport Cigarettes Coupons, is
also seen as a kind of ridicule. You are in a woman's pile, don't talk, talk
less, I'm afraid of this opening, and you will be caught by someone with
ulterior motives. Today, I am talking to you as an outsider. I know that far
away friends, some of them are far away, so far away that you can��t remember,
her name, her appearance, some are really real. Remember to hang you, explore
your message everywhere, be happy with your joy, and be sad with your sorrow. At
this moment, when you see the gray sky Marlboro Red, you know that there
are ugliness, kindness, forgetting, and remembering true friends in this world.
They don��t have to meet every day, they look at each other, and in a word, they
can clearly understand each other. Demand. And you, just stealing yourself,
finally have a confidant like this, this is not your luck.
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entence: the child
Friends, today I am sitting at the window, opposite the tall buildings, I can't
see your expression, but I can feel your helplessness. You said that you have to
travel far, take up a simple bag, and voluntarily leave. From small to large,
you always come and go in a hurry, according to your inner feelings, like no
regrets, and give up, confused, and awake. The scenery of the four seasons, for
you, or just the process of slowly ripening inside. Spring is full of vigor and
enthusiasm, and it is a portrayal of loneliness and sorrow when you were young;
Xia Zhi��s passion and enthusiasm, you walked to the youth, made friends, liked
and hurt, and matured and dignified in autumn. Calm and introverted, middle-aged
time, such as a cup of mellow wine, with the precipitation of the years, in
addition to flashy, tend to be rational; winter bleak and desolate, tough and
cold Cigarettes For Sale, really
went to the old age, you will change the mood. Do you have someone who knows you
all? Life is alive Newport
, affection, friendship, love, lack of. Growing up in a single-parent
family Marlboro Red, you are
strong, independent, but somewhat aloof. I am used to the intrigues of the
people, and I want to use my life for the rest of my life. People say that blood
is thicker than water, but you sigh, not all brothers and sisters will be as
sincere as you, your behavior can only represent you, you do everything you can
to be filial. I always remember that sentence: the child wants to be filial and
not in love. For the mother, you have countless gratitude, even though she has
not given you a prosperous life, even though she has not given you a complete
home. But you still thank her from the heart Cheap Cigarettes. Thanks to her
for giving you life, thanking her for giving you hope Cigarettes Online, thanking her for
her hard work, hardworking and thrifty, and warm and generous attitude towards
others, so that your young mind is branded with a deep imprint and guided by
her. And follow suit.
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