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Air Jordan 11 OVO Sample To Release Again in 2019
As early as 2014, Usher Arthur played the [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/air-jordan-11/]Air Jordan 11 OVO Sample[/URL] on the stage of the concert. The eye-catching and gorgeous appearance impressed many fans and attracted a large number of fans and fans. Shouting: So handsome! Too proud! Recently, the pair of Air Jordan 11 OVO, which has never been commercially available, was unveiled again, and the physical picture was exposed by Sample Stash. The shoes are inherited Ovo x Jordan's exclusive platinum temperament, the iconic patent leather upper is displayed in the local gold, with a white midsole and white Jumpman Logo embroidery on the upper, the overall shape is extremely luxurious and highly recognizable.

[URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4 This year, Jordan Brand will introduce the new color of the Air Jordan 4 "What The". Recently, the Internet has exposed a new color matching of Air Jordan 4, let's take a look! The overall body of the shoe is pure white, with high-grade lychee skin, the texture is outstanding, the overall look is very refreshing and capable. The shoelace buckle, the flying man's logo at the tongue, and the air cushion on the back of the shoe are all purple, which is extremely full of vitality.

[URL=https://www.2019mensjordans.com]2019 Mens Jordans[/URL] have reported on a number of Jordan Brand's latest combat boots, Air Jordan 34. NBA player Zion Williamson also took the lead in the Air Jordan 34 red gold color in the NBA Media Day. The shoes are mainly made up of bright passion red, and the toe to the midsole of the shoes is complemented by white accents, which has a strong visual impact. The details are embellished with metallic gold tones and domineering.
555088-060 Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin
[URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] brought a news of the new black and red Air Jordan 1 released at the beginning of next year. Many players said that they were ordinary. Today, the latest physical map appeared on the network, I did not expect the shoe body to be made of silk material! Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin is black in color, and the laces and upper wings are decorated with red accents, plus a white midsole. The overall style is quite classic. The body of the shoe is made of silk, and the heel, toe and Swoosh are made of leather, which makes the black upper look more layered. The metal reflective effect in the previous renderings should be reflected in the silk material.

Harden's latest generation of boots Harden Vol.4 just released, [URL=https://www.2019yeezyboost.com]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] believe many players want to be early adopters. Especially the first adidas Harden Vol.4 Pink, people can't hold it when they look at it. The black color is matched with the red, white, blue and black gold colors, and the personalized service is also available for a limited time. Harden emoticons can be printed under the upper. Currently, there are four patterns of Harden's side face, face, MVP and Harden's personal logo. Different patterns can be printed on the left and right feet.

[URL=https://www.cheapjordans2020.com]Cheap Jordans 2020[/URL],After the black and blue Air Jordan 12 is put on the shelves, there will be a "reverse gold buckle" and a female "neon gradation" at the end of the year. Recently, a new white and gray product has emerged in the network. In just two months, it will be on sale! The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey is made of diffuse white leather with a signature asymmetrical edge complemented by dark grey, extending to the outsole for a cool, visually pleasing look! The details are complemented by bright silver and red accents, adding layers!
EG5651 adidas NMD R1 Red Blue White is Available Now
[URL=https://www.2019yeezyboost.com]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] ,The adidas NMD series has always been a popular shoe. Recently, a new color matching adidas NMD R1 has debuted. The shoes are based on white, with a striking red three-bar on the side of the shoe, and a red and red trim on the tongue and heel. The midsole cushioning module is dotted with red and blue strips. The overall color structure is quite temperament with the Olympic color scheme. It is very eye-catching.

[URL=https://www.jordans2019shoes.com]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL] first signature shoe for the letter Giannis Antetokounmpo Nike Zoom Freak 1, has launched a number of high-color color combinations since its launch, and this week's new Zoom Freak 1 "Black Iridescent" will debut. Nike Zoom Freak 1 “Black Iridescent” is based on pure black. The biggest highlight of the whole pair is that the oversized Swoosh has a pearl-like luster. The embroidery logo on the tongue and heel is decorated with blue to add to the black body. Layering.

[URL=https://www.newjordan2019shoes.com]New Jordan 2019[/URL],A number of UNDEFEATED x Zoom Kobe 4 series released last month have excited many UNDEFEATED fans and Kobe fans. Not only that, but the UNDEFEATED x Air Max 90 series will also be available later. There are 8 color combinations, 4 black bases and 4 white bases. Previously, it has repeatedly exposed white, blue, white, black, and black. Recently, the black and yellow color is officially exposed. Like the other models, the black and yellow shoes have a more eye-catching color contrast, and the UNDEFEATED Logo is more eye-catching.
2019 adidas NMD R1 Come with 4 New Colorways
The adidas NMD had a thunder like a flat, and the rim was suddenly blushing. Even after so many years, the adidas NMD series still has a good popularity. Recently, a variety of new color matching [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/adidas-nmd-r1/]adidas NMD R1[/URL] series exposure. The uppers are decorated with four colors: mint green, white orange, gray green and black gray. The sides of the shoes are decorated with hot-melt strips. The overall color scheme is very unique.

[URL=https://www.2019yeezyboost.com]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] Known as a real weapon for flying on the ground, adidas BYW X welcomes the new product Crazy BYW Icon 98! Based on the signature shoes EQT KB8 II made by Adidas for Kobe in the early years, adidas Crazy BYW Icon 98 will be integrated into the midsole of the modular Boost technology, with a large-faced stable tray running through the soles of the feet, not only bringing back the classic retro style. More practical performance! The grey upper is embellished with white details to create a calm and sleek visual level. The details are complemented by flocked leather and the texture is extraordinary!

Along with the extensive application of [URL=https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/adidas-shoes/]Adidas Shoes[/URL] own signature Boost cushioning technology, many classic shoes have been reshaped, and at the same time gain a good reputation. Among them, the classic shoes of the adidas Torsion X equipped with Boost technology have recently released a new color. The whole pair of shoes is covered by a large area of ​​white suede, decorated with fabric details, and a transparent rubber tube that brings a sci-fi avant-garde look. The sideways, midsole and lining are in a coral-pink combination, showing full vitality. Full-boost Boost technology, three-stage design brings outstanding flexibility, design concept and shape are quite similar to BYW. Torsion shoes are known for their mid-sole anti-twist system, reinventing the return, and also have a luxurious midsole configuration. There is also a support strip running through the sole, in series with a three-section Boost sole.
Nike SB Dunk High Pro Baroque Brown BQ6826-201
Recently, a new color matching Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Baroque Brown" is exposed. This rare high-top Dunk SB is made of Baroque brown leather with grey nylon for a calm and sophisticated body texture.[URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-sb-dunk/] Nike SB Dunk High Pro Baroque Brown[/URL] tough line from the toe to the upper outlines the tough silhouette of the high-top Dunk SB. This Baroque brown is actually a Nike shoe, not a common color scheme. The last color to be mentioned is also traced back to the 2015 peak series Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle “Baroque Brown”. Luxurious and superior upper material, with calm Baroque brown and gold, noble and temperament. At the end of this year, there may be another pair of Air Jordan 1 "Baroque Brown", black and brown and bright yellow contrast body, showing a unique new temperament.

[URL=https://www.newjordan2019shoes.com]New Jordan 2019[/URL],This year's Nike Air Max 720 has conquered countless players with its super-thick and full-height air cushion, making it a high-profile shoe. Recently, a new version of the Air MX 720-818 officially released, the shoe material has changed a lot. A new version of the fabric upper, this new version of the upper is made of synthetic material, interspersed with multiple lanes, like a down jacket, should be a warm version for the fall and winter. One of the colors is metal silver, the texture is similar to the spacesuit, avant-garde and sci-fi. The other is a brown dress that is more understated.

[URL=https://www.2019cheapjordan.com]2019 Cheap Jordan[/URL] is quite similar to the high-priced Air Jordan 4 “Encore”, the Air Jordan 4 WNTR “Loyal Blue”, which was just exposed last week, has gained super attention, which is undoubtedly another surprise for the 30th anniversary of this flying boots. Air Jordan 4 WNTR Loyal Blue is dominated by dark blue. The soft leather body also has a few old effects. The inner lining and the red accent of the tongue make the visual expression boring and uncomfortable! The color matching specification is WNTR (Winter), which means that it is specially designed for winter, and the design is naturally warmer than ordinary color matching. The inner and outer sides of the shoe body and the tongue part are originally designed to improve the breathability and weight of the mesh element. This time, it is changed to perforated hard leather. The lining is supplemented with a towel-like material, which is worn in cold winters and is warm and comfortable.
2019 Nike Shox TL Come with New Colorways
[URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] believe that when talking about Nike Shox technology, the first reaction must be the Shox BB4 that was flying on Carter's foot. In addition, Nike Shox TL, another pair of running shoes with Shox cushioning technology, is also a classic. Recently, Nike Shox TL has two new color exposures. Both colors are displayed in large solid colors, one pair is gray, and the heel and sideways Swoosh Logo are decorated with blue. At first glance, the contrast is extremely strong, and the other pair is black, with fluorescent yellow details. Can't help but shine. The iconic skeleton structure of the body line and exaggerated mesh form a complex upper, the outsole is made of Shox gas column running through the whole palm, full of domineering, and bring a full sci-fi sense.

[URL=https://www.2019yeezyboost.com]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] To pay tribute to Torsion's classic anti-twist technology and ZX classic series, this year created a new pair of shoes ZX Torsion, recently with a new color exposure. The shoes are mainly light grey, with dark grey and white accents in the details. Inspired by the classic ZX family of shoes, the design is made from mesh fabric and suede. The color scheme is retro and unique and recognizable. The silhouette of the shoe and the upper design are familiar to the ZX family. The separate sole has a yellowed and old design with a strong vintage feel. The pair, adidas Originals ZX Torsion, also features a built-in Boost design that greatly enhances the feel of the feet.

Since its inception, the adidas NMD series has been loved by the world's trendiest people. Afterwards, various derivative funds have also received good comments. Recently, a new color matching [URL=https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/adidas-shoes/]adidas NMD R1[/URL] has been released. The body of the shoe is mainly black suitable for autumn, and the overall feeling is very calm. The orange heel is matched with the three-line logo of the side body, which is classic and versatile. The upper is made of Primeknit woven material, which is lightweight and breathable. Boost midsole is added to provide a good foot feel. The biggest highlight is the gradient design of the midsole Boost, and Boost coloring has always been a problem. From this gradient effect, the designer's sincerity is full.
Shop Best Deal Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1
[URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL],As one of Nike's most classic sneaker collections, the Air Force 1 brings a lot of new designs and new color combinations every year, and a new color exposure has recently emerged. The overall body is made of knit and has a dark blue tone. The side of the shoe is embellished with silver Swoosh, and the appearance is very similar to the Travis Scott co-branded version.Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 is still unknown about the Velcro disassembly design. The new color scheme was launched to celebrate the football team's New England Patriots' sixth championship. The logo and VICTORY are printed on the insole, and six stars are attached below. The details are very hard.

In this year's re-enacted [URL=https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/nike-shoes/]Nike Air Max 2 Light[/URL] series, with a retro look and avant-garde color matching, showing a good value. Recently, a classic OG color matching returned for the first time. These shoes are matched in black and yellow, and the color scheme is quite a bit of the texture of Bruce Lee. The tongue and Swoosh Logo are decorated in light blue, and the overall style is very eye-catching.

[URL=https://www.2019yeezyboost.com]2019 Yeezy Boost[/URL] brand new 4D cushioning has also been promoted with the passage of time, professional running shoes and retro running shoes have an eye-catching performance! Recently, the overseas exposure account solebyjc has produced a brand new shoe type, the gray-purple woven upper is supplemented by many hot-melt blessings, followed by the eye-catching ring stabilizer with the familiar green 4D printing midsole, which is quite avant-garde! It is reported that this is the sample version of adidas 4D 1.0, which is more complicated and sharper than the later commercial version. No release of the news is released, we can only have an eye addiction!
FW3730 adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Japan Officially Released
As the adidas classic running shoes series, Ultra Boost has always had a good sales, although the new generation Ultra Boost 2019 has been released, but Ultra Boost 4.0 still has new products. Recently, a pair of new color matching [URL=https://www.jordans2019shoes.com/product-category/adidas-shoes/adidas-ultra-boost-4-0/]adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Japan[/URL] has been brought. The whole is dominated by white, and the Japanese flag is dotted on the tongue. The biggest highlight is the design of the rainbow tie-dye pattern with the explosion effect on the upper.

Supreme's new products for two seasons a year will basically have Nike co-branded shoes or apparel. Compared to the summer joints of several unpopular shoes, the pair of autumn and winter will be amazing! The [URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com/product-category/nike-sneakers/nike-dunk-sb/]Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low[/URL] series, which was first exposed earlier this month, is a thunder, making countless OG Dunk players excited. This time, the joint name with SB Dunk is the fourth time after 2002, 2003 and 2012. Even the red burst SB Dunk Low, which was released in 2012, is already 7 years ago. The degree of the joint name can be imagined. The shoes are decorated with a mini Swoosh Logo, followed by a Supreme five-pointed star logo, and the street temperament exudes a high-quality temperament. White-red color has also been exposed to physical maps. The classic Supreme color scheme also presents a very good look.

Speaking of Jordan, the first thing that everyone thinks of is his two consecutive three-time record in the Chicago Bulls. This also directly leads to the Air Jordan sneakers, only the black and red color will be recognized by the fans and considered classic. But this year, Jordan Brand is unconventional, bringing us the Lakers Air Jordan 13 and the upcoming [URL=https://www.menairshoes.com/product-category/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-3/]Air Jordan 3 Knicks[/URL]. It is reasonable to say that in the star signature shoes, the appearance of the enemy color, this is extremely rare in the sneaker circle, not to mention the Air Jordan is the sneakers. This morning, foreign media also revealed to us the reason why Jordan Brand released these two color schemes - "Memorial Jordan beat the opponent." As the action of salt-salting, it highlights the detachment of Joe's gang in the basketball circle and even the sneaker circle. Speaking of the sneakers themselves, the shoes are mainly white, retaining the most classic cement ash cracks in Air Jordan 3, and the details of the tongue, midsole, outsole and heel are added to the representative orange and blue embellishment of the Knicks. The tag is also the Knicks theme.
2019 adidas Harden Vol.4 Will Release Soon
With the approaching of the new season, Harden's latest generation of signature shoes [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/adidas-harden-vol-3/]adidas Harden Vol.4[/URL] re-exposed the new South Coast color, refreshing and seductive atmosphere, I believe that the favorite little friends are not a few! As the star of the adidas basketball field, Harden's boots are also embodies the brand's latest technology and the core appeal of Dengge! The fourth generation continues the low-cut style that Deng Ge loves. The midsole is equipped with the latest Lightstrike cushioning technology, replacing the Boost of the previous three generations. The cushioning response is sensitive and the stability is even better! In terms of appearance, the overall contour is the same as that of the new Tianwei BYW series. The pink shoes face the transition to aqua blue, with a white midsole and an outsole with the same gradient tones, which is extraordinarily cohesive! In terms of details, the extra-additional lace frame, embellished with Harden and Vol.4, highlights the exclusive identity. The heel shield H Logo echoes the three lines of the tongue.

[URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] ,As the weather turns cooler, shoe fans are increasingly concerned about the Yeezy Boost 700. Recently, YEEZY MAFIA announced that it will release the new inertia Yeezy Boost 700 V2 Inertia color scheme on September 7. The inertia released at the beginning of the year Yeezy Boost 700 "Inertia", with a fresh upper color matching, striking coral orange midsole embellishment, won a lot of fans love. This pair of new color schemes retains the original color scheme and adds a special reflective strip to the V2 version, which presents a more different foot temperament.

[URL=https://www.jordans2019shoes.com]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL] Featuring the React cushioning technology, the Nike React Element 55, which has a retro look, has already become a trend-setting shoe with a high rate of appearance on the street. This time, a new color scheme is released, which is very eye-catching. The Nike React Element 55 upper is made of bold, bright yellow. The biggest highlight is that the upper is full of serpentine design, and the eye-catching effect is full. With leather details, dark grey Swoosh embellishes the body and a white React midsole completes the design. The details of the personality and the comfortable feet are sure to become one of the heart-warming choices of many current trendsetters.
Air Jordan 1 Low Shattered Backboard Officially Released
Under the powerful offensive of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low, the Air Jordan 1 Low low-cut shoes are also showing the popularity of summer! Following the release of the OG Black Toe Air Jordan 1 Low, the most popular "cash backboard" theme in the original color scheme will also be
added to the low-end version of the family! And it is still the most popular black buckle version 1.0, the rumor is about to be released in the near future, the physical map and the official map have been released![URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/air-jordan-1/] Air Jordan 1 Low Shattered Backboard[/URL] overall color distribution is completely based on the buckle version 1.0 interpretation, black, orange, white three colors perfect restore the original color scheme, the color effect will be fully exerted! The material is convenient for the white part to retain the original lychee leather touch, while the black and orange parts of the shoe are made of frosted leather! The heel is still embroidered to highlight the classic flying wing logo. The shoelace fixing holes on the tongue are decorated with 23 characters, and the outer outsole is finished with the same orange finish as the high-top!

This year, the Nike SB Skateboard and [URL=https://www.2019mensjordans.com]2019 Mens Jordans[/URL] have once again joined hands to bring us exciting new products including the Air Jordan 1 scratch, and to bring the skateboarding personality to the fullest. The Nike SB x Air Jordan 1
Low "UNC", which is the standard of North Carolina Blue, is also a work of two sides. Designed by legendary skateboarder Eric Koston, he recreates the scene of his childhood desire to buy shoes, which is rejected by his mother. The "$24.99" price tag on the inside of the tongue is the one he bought in 1986 and failed to do so. price. That was the first time he passed the Air Jordan 1 and still made him unforgettable.

[URL=https://www.2019cheapjordan.com]2019 Cheap Jordan[/URL] seems to be the season to wear Air Jordan 1. In the past two years, Air Jordan 1 has gradually become the main theme of Jordan Brand. It is not difficult to see from the low-end version released last year and the low-end version released this year that as long as the color matching is enough, the classics are enough, and the price is enough, the players will be favored. This morning, the sneakers broke the account yankeekicks also took the lead to bring us a black buckle broken Air Jordan 1 Low physical map, take a look! The distribution of the color scheme is completely based on the 1.0 version of the crush, and the black, orange and white colors perfectly restore the original color scheme, and the color contrast effect is fully exerted. At the same time, the white lychee skin is matched with the matte leather of the black and orange parts. The biggest highlight is the Swoosh, which is embellished on both sides of the shoe, and is made of patent leather. The heel is still embroidered to highlight the classic flying wing logo, and the shoelace fixing holes on the tongue are decorated with 23 characters. In the end, it ends in the same orange with a high help, which restores a very high color! Now the high-end version of the black buckle broken Air Jordan 1 market has exceeded 10,000 yuan mark, the price of the low-cut version is less than one-tenth, the price is quite obvious.
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